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If you are looking for knowledgeable, board certified construction, real estate property lawyers in Dubai, Abu Dhabi based law firm, we hire and train our Dubai, best Dubai lawyers, lawyers in UAE, construction lawyers, attorneys for construction law advice, claims representation, mediation or arbitration, contact the UAE + Egypt construction law lawyers, advocates, arbitrators and attorneys of S&E&F law firm in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE, Egypt Cairo.

Our located offices in Cairo, Abu Dhabi, Dubai Cities, for several decades of experience in construction law, representing parties in construction related disputes since 1981. Our attorneys especially advocates Mr. Ezz & Fawzy have gained a reputation as being a tenacious and successful litigators & arbitrators and a leaders in the field of construction law. In fact, our attorneys & solicitors have been hired by other attorneys to serve as a construction law expert, and we are always selected as super construction lawyers as a Top Attorneys at one law firm in Construction Litigation in Cairo Egypt, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, UAE.

Our U.A.E Cairo Egypt law firm handles a broad spectrum of construction issues, including:

Construction contract drafting and negotiation

Construction defect claims and defense

Construction litigation

Mediation and Arbitration of construction disputes

Construction lien claims and defense

Construction insurance claims and defense

Bid protests

Payment and Performance Bond claims and defense

Our Law Offices represents owners, developers, contractors, vendors, material suppliers, and engineers and architects in a wide range of disputes arising out of construction projects, including commercial buildings, condominiums and cooperatives, rental buildings, and single-family homes. The firm also serves its clients in drafting, serving, filing, enforcing and vacating Mechanic’s Liens, representing them in arbitrations, mediations and litigations, including diversion of trust funds actions, negotiating and drafting license and access agreements, advising them with respect to excavation and underpinning projects, drafting and reviewing construction contracts, dealing with insurance coverage and architect and engineering issues, and serving as a construction law expert.

Our construction department at S&E Law Offices provides the level of personal attention you expect from a small firm with the resources and experience often found only at a large law office.

We advise lawyers, engineers, architects, surveyors and those in other construction industry to build their legal claims.

Major construction claims will contain disruption or delay in progress, clients should focus on determining from where was the default.

In Abu Dhabi courts, Dubai courts, UAE courts, Cairo Egypt, in courts and arbitration panels you will find us involved in the biggest construction, real estate, property, lease disputes, not only this but the amazing results put us on top of construction law experts.