Lawyers in Dubai

Our law firm is also legal consultancy office that have the best of professional team of legal consultants & lawyers in Dubai, Abu Dhabi Lawyers, U.A.E + Cairo Egypt. Advocates Ezz & Saaedi are on top of law counsel’s firms in U.A.E, Egypt. They are the best practice lawyers specializing in criminal, divorce, family legal consultants & Property Lawyers in Dubai, Abu Dhai, UAE & Cairo Egypt.lawyers-in-dubai

We are the landmark of legal consultancy in UAE & Egypt. We give accurate, precise, worthy legal advice in criminal, family, marriage, divorce, child support, Corporate, Construction law.

Attorney & legal consultant Mr. Fawzy Salah  Fawzy Salah has been a leader and a routinely sought resource for bankers, insurers, and manufacturers since 1971. Advocate Fawzy Salah  is admitted in Egypt bar since 1973. Although he is no longer going to UAE courts, Solicitor. Fawzy Salah is active in Abu Dhabi & Dubai and internationally, advising clients on product design and liability, risk evaluation, regulatory compliance, product recalls and warnings and instructions, tort, real estate, rent, construction law. He helps clients evaluate business ventures and helps them obtain the necessary legal consultation, banking, employment and insurance supports. Although his major focus has been on civil, shipping, maritime and vessels. Fawzy Salah has worked with heavy equipment manufacturers, chemical producers and facilities that impact the environment. He also advises on ADA compliance and regarding removing physical barriers to disabled persons.

Fawzy Salah’s background, also assist him in advising clients on issues such as litigation avoidance, reduction of litigation risk. They help clients determine whether new ventures would be appropriate and profitable