Ahmed Salem Al Saeedi Partner


Ahmed AL Saaedi is Is a renowned court advocate & legal consultants, with specialist experience in Transportation law including Maritime and Aerospace. He has worked on a wide range of cases both within and without the transport sector with global and national clients seeking his advice including the Abu Dhabi National Transport Authority.


If you are searching for best legal consultants & lawyers in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE, here you find Attorney & legal consultant Mr. Ahmed AlSaaedi Attorney & legal consultant.

Mr. Ahmed AlSaaedi   has been a leader and a routinely sought resource for bankers, insurers, transport and manufacturers since 2013. Advocate  Mr. Ahmed AlSaaedi is admitted in Abu Dhabi & Dubai bar since 2013, Although he is no longer going to UAE courts, Solicitor  Mr. Ahmed AlSaaedi   is active in Abu Dhabi & Dubai and internationally, advising clients on product design and liability, risk evaluation, regulatory compliance, product recalls and warnings and instructions, tort, real estate, rent, construction law. He helps clients evaluate business ventures and helps them obtain the necessary legal consultation, banking, employment and insurance supports. Although his major concentration has been on civil, shipping, maritime and vessels,  Mr. Ahmed AlSaaedi   has worked with heavy equipment manufacturers, chemical producers and facilities that impact the environment. He also advises on law compliance and regarding removing physical barriers to disabled persons.

Mr. Ahmed AlSaaedi Attorney & legal consultant has been involved in defending litigation and advising clients in the areas of product liability, toxic tort, environmental defense and regulatory compliance. His extensive jury trial experience, combined with a civil and construction Attorney,  Mr. Ahmed AlSaaedi  ‘s background, also assist him in advising clients on important issues such as litigation avoidance, reduction of litigation risk, and in helping clients determine whether new ventures would be appropriate and profitable.

Mr. Ahmed AlSaaedi Attorney & legal consultant combines his background with his extensive experience in explaining complex litigation and arbitration issues to enable clients to assist a company in putting its “best foot forward” in regulatory matters and in negotiation. This combination has created winning results in court and before regulatory agencies, but also enables him to provide concrete and understandable advice to clients in reducing their litigation risks, and in evaluating entry into a particular product line or market. Attorney & legal consultant Mr. Ahmed AlSaaedi   has worked with a number of start-up companies and foreign companies in entering new business lines. He has also worked with companies in dealing with regulatory matters before the Consumer Product Safety Commission, the Food and Drug Administration, and various other state and federal agencies and Department of Labor and Industries.

Mr. Ahmed AlSaaedi Attorney & legal consultant Mr. Ahmed AlSaaedi   also serves in an advisory capacity with respect to a number of industry groups. These include serving as counsel to the transport, insurance companies, banking and financial institutions.

Attorney & legal consultant Mr.  Ahmed AlSaaedi Attorney & legal consultant has been involved in automobiles and trucks, various chemicals and chemical systems, flammable liquids and gases, camping equipment, earthmoving and heavy construction machinery, chemical and environmental exposures, fitness equipment, sports equipment, including helmets and other protective gear, food, food processing and restaurant issues, infant and children’s products and toys, clothing and textiles, building design and management, architectural barriers, law compliance, air and ventilation design and construction.