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Best Lawyers in the Heart of the City

Building new reality by serving you with the highest possible level of care.

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Navigating you through every turn. Everywhere.

An international law firm with top-notch lawyers having proven records of cases.

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Navigating you through every turn. Everywhere.

An international law firm with top-notch lawyers having proven records of cases.

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We make a difference!

We are the best lawyers in Abu Dhabi and are leaders in all legal fields; our team of legal consultants, arbitrators, and advocates is among the brightest legal minds in the world.

Moreover, our lawyers are not only the best in Abu Dhabi but also in the globe, and our firm is the best dynamic business law firm in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, UAE, because we offer active business and corporate practice services.

Best lawyer in Abu Dhabi: Ezz Othman is the Best Egyptian lawyer & famous Legal consultant in Cairo, Egypt, and Abu Dhabi U.A.E, in association with Saeed S. Al-Menhali, a top leading law firm in Abu Dhabi, is the address for excellence in criminal, family, labor, accidents claim, insurance and more.

We are the best among Abu Dhabi lawyers for a simple reason: Our law firm prides itself on working with the industry’s best advocates and legal consultants.

Moreover, With Ezz onboard, our clients benefit from unparalleled experience and knowledge of the legal world, especially in criminal cases, accidents, and construction issues.

We’ve become recognised as the best law firm in Abu Dhabi since we were the first to win big claims of millions of AED. Our hard work and expertise consistently yield unexpected and favourable client results.


Obviously, at our law firm, we provide tailored legal advice to both individuals and businesses.

In brief, Our services span various legal issues, from construction to corporate, accidents, banking, insurance claims and family law.

 Positively, we are dedicated to delivering comprehensive solutions that meet all our clients’ legal needs.

Our Abu Dhabi lawyers are committed to serving our clients throughout every legal proceeding and ensuring they receive the best possible outcome.

To learn more about how we can help you,

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Abu Dhabi corporate advocates

Abu Lawyers
Ahmed Al-Saaedi ; Our Abu Dhabi lawyers offer expertise and guidance to ensure our client’s success and peace of mind.

Multiple areas of practice

Our lawyers in Abu Dhabi are pioneers in all areas of practice, and the following is only a sample of our expertise;
1 – About Our Abu Dhabi Criminal Defense lawyers:
Our criminal law attorneys are well-versed in thU.A.E.E. legal system and are committed to protecting your rights and ensuring a fair trial.
Whether you are facing charges or seeking legal advice, our lawyers will provide you with expert guidance and representation throughout the legal process.
2- About Our Abu Dhabi Civil Law attorneys;
In civil matters, our lawyers specialize in resolving disputes and protecting your interests. Whether it’s contract disputes, property matters, or any other civil litigation, our lawyers in the Abu Dhabi team will work diligently to achieve your best possible outcome.
3 – About Our Abu Dhabi Corporate & Business Law Advocates;
our corporate lawyers offer comprehensive legal services, including company formation, drafting contracts, resolving commercial disputes, and ensuring compliance with local regulations.
Additionally, we aim to provide you with the legal support you need to succeed in the competitive business landscape.
4- About Our Abu Dhabi family, divorce, and custody solicitors,
Our family law attorneys understand the sensitive nature of family matters and provide compassionate guidance in divorce, child custody, adoption, and inheritance disputes. We strive to protect your rights and facilitate amicable resolutions whenever possible.
5- About Our Abu Dhabi Construction Law legal advisors, consultants, and arbitrators,
With the booming construction industry in Abu Dhabi, our construction lawyers are well-equipped to handle legal matters related to contracts, project management, construction disputes, and more.
Moreover, We work closely with contractors, developers, and other stakeholders to meet their legal needs.
6- About Our Abu Dhabi Banking Law attorneys,
Our banking lawyers deeply understand financial regulations and offer comprehensive legal services to banks, financial institutions, and individuals.
Moreover, our lawyers will provide sound legal advice and representation if you need assistance with loan agreements, debt recovery, or regulatory compliance.
7- About Our Abu Dhabi Insurance Law lawyers,
Insurance Law: In the complex field of insurance, our lawyers have extensive experience in handling insurance claims, policy drafting, and resolving insurance disputes. We work diligently to protect your rights and ensure you receive fair compensation in insurance-related matters.
8- About Our Abu Dhabi Intellectual Property Law lawyers:
Our intellectual property lawyers specialize in protecting your valuable intellectual assets, including trademarks, copyrights, and patents.
Our legal team will help you safeguard your intellectual property rights from registration to enforcement.
9- About Our Abu Dhabi Bankruptcy Law attorneys;
If you or your business are facing financial difficulties, our bankruptcy lawyers are here to guide you through the complex process of debt restructuring, bankruptcy filings, and debt recovery. We aim to provide you with viable solutions to overcome financial challenges.
Moreover, Our law firm prides itself on delivering personalized and effective legal solutions tailored to your needs.
Above all, Our dedicated lawyers are committed to providing the highest legal professional service and achieving favorable outcomes for our clients.
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For these reasons we are the best attorneys

For the above-mentioned speciality our lawyers in Abu Dhabi come to the front:

Moreover, By nature, we like to support individuals and businesses in overcoming their legal concerns and getting the desired results. Additionally, our team maintains honesty while ensuring justice among people who deeply understand the U.A.E.” s legal system.
Meantime, we have a Great presence and effect in federal and local courts of the U.A.E.;

Above all, we regularly represent clients in all Abu Dhabi and Dubai courts and arbitral tribunals, including those dealing with civil and corporate issues on all requests.
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