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Ahmed Al-Saaedi is one of the Best criminal, family, labor legal consultant & Lawyers in Abu Dhabi.

Moreover, Established his Abu Dhabi law firm because of his passion for law, and he could form a team of top Legal Consultants and attorneys in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, that can achieve results that exceed our client’s expectations.

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Our Abu Dhabi law firm Dedicates Professional lawyers and legal consultants With Multi-Lingual Expertise

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Our lawyers are Specialists in substantially complex cases with a track record of success in offering robust, pragmatic legal aid.

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We cover criminal, civil, labor, corporate, construction, IP, trademarks, accidents claims, insurance, banking, family law

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Our lawyers provide various legal services and solutions to national and international clients to protect them and their wealth.

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Extraordinary lawyer

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Deal with the best lawyers in Abu Dhabi, Dubai

Advocate AL-Saaedi is an Emirati lawyer in Abu Dhabi specializing in family, criminal defense, labor, corporate, and transport law.
Moreover, his office has a team of the best corporate, construction, real estate, I.P., trademarks, bankruptcy legal consultants, and attorneys in Abu Dhabi who can professionally face and solve all legal issues.

Why he established his office in Abu Dhabi?
He Established his Abu Dhabi law firm because of his passion for law.
He could not continue with a government position and retired to realize his dream of becoming one of the best famous attorneys in the U.A.E.

Why the best lawyers in Abu Dhabi?

Attorney AL-Saaedi could form a team of top Legal Consultants and attorneys in Abu Dhabi that can achieve results that exceed our client’s expectations.
Moreover, our Emirati law firm applies international standards;
His colleagues, legal consultants, and advocates in Abu Dhabi are a highly motivated, professional, and committed team who provides legal services in a new, modern, and client-friendly way.

A specialist lawyer in Abu Dhabi at the top law firm in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, U.A.E.:

Al-Saaedi, as a full specialty law firm;
We retain the most reputed legal consultants and attorneys in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, U.A.E. Subsequently, that led us to the forefront of the legal industry in the U.A.E.

Then our lawyers in Abu Dhabi come to the front: By nature, we like to support individuals and businesses in overcoming their legal concerns and getting the desired results.

Additionally, our team maintains honesty while ensuring justice among people who deeply understand the U.A.E.” s legal system.
Meantime, we have a Great presence and effect in federal and local courts of the U.A.E.;

Above all, we regularly represent clients in all Abu Dhabi and Dubai courts, including those dealing with civil and corporate issues on all types of requests.
For illustrations:- https://ezz4law.com https://4l.biz

Give us a Call:  00971503159583, 0097126717760

Ahmed Al-Saaedi

Ahmed Al-Saaedi

CEO and Founder of Abu Dhabi law firm


Law Practice Areas

Accidents Injuries

We are the most trusted personal injury and accident lawyers in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Wherever you are, and whatever type of accident;  We trust ourselves, If We Don’t Win Cases You Pay Us Nothing, Ever. Let Us Start Helping You

Bankruptcy Lawyers

Our guidance will help you plan for the future & manage any potential losses. you trust Expert  corporate, commercial, civil, bankruptcy lawyers team providing bespoke advice in respect of restructure and bankruptcy.

Construction Law

 Contact Our Construction lawyers in Abu Dhabi, UAE, our legal consultants will guide you; we offer advice on complex construction matters in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Cairo, Egypt, and Gulf, as well as on large-scale international issues.

Corporate Law

As a renowned Corporate Law Firm in Abu Dhabi, We retain the best corporate  attorneys in Abu Dhabi & Dubai; We Provide Tailored Solutions Based on a Clear Understanding of Your Business Needs

Criminal Law

Take Expert advice and discretion across a full range of criminal offenses; Our Abu Dhabi criminal defense attorneys provide a premium service for senior professionals and high-net-worth individuals who face accusations of a crime. We act effectively and discreetly across the full range of criminal offenses.

Our Dubai, Abu Dhabi Family lawyers are advising on the following;
The applicable Law in UAE or the applicable international Law
As per paragraphs 2 and 3 of article one of UAE Federal Law No. 28 / 2005 On Personal Status
A local or ex-pat may select which Law will apply to the situation if they are non-Muslim.


Labor Law

Our Employment lawyers in Abu Dhabi will lead you in the right direction; Our specialist employment lawyers will guide and advise you on various labor issues, including unfair dismissal and end of service.

Real Estate

Real Estate has been at the core of our business. We provide specialist advice on real estate and construction matters. Therefore, we can solve any complicated disputes over Real Estate or construction issues for individuals, businesses, and cross borders investments.

Banking Lawyers

Get the best legal advice from our banking lawyers about banking and financial matters because we worked inside banks; moreover, we have the banking qualification, which gave us insight capabilities

Family Law

We are a top-ranked Abu Dhabi children and family law team tackling local, national, and international issues,  We are Specialists in substantial, complex cases for high net-worth individuals & their families


Dedicated Lawyers


Satisfied Clients


Succesful Cases


Personal Injury Cases



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Why choose our firm?

Lawyers In Abu Dhabi And Dubai.

Our Abu Dhabi lawyers with Dubai arbitration advocates offer clients alternative dispute resolution techniques such as mediation and arbitration as a less costly, less time-consuming alternative to litigation.
We facilitate unique solutions to business, and personal issues through mediation and arbitrations, including clients, benefit from a confidential forum to resolve disputes. and investor-State treaty arbitration around the globe. Our lawyers are determining to offer creative and efficient solutions to all types of transnational commercial disputes.

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Indeed, Our team of corporate lawyers in Dubai, like Abu Dhabi or Cairo, has a high reputation for providing excellent technical advice combined with commercial nous and pragmatism. We can advise on the entire range of complex corporate transactions.**Debt collection & Recovery lawyers and assets Management in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. We are professional in all compensation claims and recovery of funds in all fields. For example, For more than 42 years, we could collect billions for clients around the globe; we worked inside significant banks and learned how to manage and refund liability in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, same as Cairo, Egypt.

our Litigation lawyers help clients resolve civil disputes. Litigation in the U.A.E. and Cairo and involve a large number of legal issues.

The wrongful behavior of an individual or business causing financial damage to another business is called a business tort.

Our U.A.E. Abu Dhabi, Dubai business law Lawyers, advocates, and attorneys can advocate and file for tort relief for a variety of wrongful actions.

Our Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Cairo shipping lawyers provide a comprehensive service to the global maritime business community. We have over very talented lawyers and many Mariners worldwide, specializing in maritime law.

Also, Our international trade and inward investment lawyers, advocates, and solicitors in Abu Dhabi and Dubai help public and private sector clients achieve their commercial aims.Moreover, We draw on trade expertise across various legal disciplines to help clients make the most of global opportunities in their sector.

Also, Our Labour and Employment lawyers, advocates, legal consultants, and solicitors in Abu Dhabi and Dubai professionally handle all employments matters for Employers and Employees.

Furthermore, Our Employment & Labour Lawyers in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, U.A.E. has excellent experience dealing with the U.A.E. labor law by building a better relationship between our law firm and clients.

Al Saaedi is A top I.P. firm according to Intellectual Property experts for several consecutive years.

Our intellectual property solicitors are skillful in advising clients on capturing their brand to market a unique intellectual property

We provide globally-focused legal services to clients in patent, trademark, computer, and copyright matters.

Moreover, We are knowledgeable in a multitude of computer law & federal I.P. arenas.Above all, Our attorneys are very familiar with the U.A.E and Egypt Patent & Trademark Office and have an extensive presence in Intellectual Property.

Hiring the best U.A.E. insurance lawyers, attorneys will assure the best results,Our Dubai, Abu Dhabi, U.A.E. insurance lawyers advise clients on a wide range of global insurance disputes, litigation and coverage, policy wordings, and interpretation. The Dubai and Abu Dhabi City insurance dispute attorneys of the Al-Saaedi Firm can help you defend your right to proper insurance coverage following an accident.

We are the only law firm that combats lousy insurance faith and representing individuals with denied claims nationwide.

Our law firm is the right choice for real estate. Whether you are buying or selling a house or own property like a condo, single-family residence, or commercial real estate, Our real estate lawyers in Abu Dhabi and Dubai will help.

If you’re running a business, or you’ve grown to a specific size, there comes the point where you need to get professional advice from us.

If you prefer to deal with an Egyptian lawyer in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, call us. We have Egyptian lawyers in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.


Count on banking; we are the leading and most prominent corporate and banking law firm in Abu Dhabi, Dubi, and Cairo.

With our business-oriented, proactive, and problem-solving corporate lawyer, ensuring the legality of commercial transactions.

Moreover, Adept in reviewing, drafting, negotiating,and generally overseeing policies, procedures, handbooks, corporate documents, and contracts.

Our Contracts & Agreements lawyers in Abu Dhabi and Dubai provide expert assistance on all arrangements and contracts in all law areas.

Breach of Contact, Our Abu Dhabi Breach of Contract Attorneys, lawyers, and legal consultants; contact us if you would like to discuss a breach of contract issue with a lawyer.

Would you mind calling us on tel; 00971503159583?


We hire the best family lawyers in the region of Dubai, Abu Dhabi, U.A.E., who are familiar with family law, for marriage, divorce, Khula, child support and visitation, wills, prenuptial agreements.

Also, Our Dubai, Abu Dhabi family lawyers work closely with each client to find balanced, sound, and practical solutions that serve their short- and long-term interests.

Moreover; We handle each case with skill and compassion because we understand the delicate nature of such claims. Equally as important, we resolve issues efficiently to minimize the cost to our clients. Whatever you’re up against, we can get through this together.

Furthermore; We handle each case with skill and compassion because we understand the delicate nature of such claims. Equally as important, we resolve issues efficiently to minimize the cost to our clients. Whatever you’re up against, we can get through this together.

Then; contact us

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Send us your contact number, and we’ll get in touch shortly, or call us between 9:00 and 17:30 Saturday to Thursday,
we would be delighted to speak and help your details are kept strictly confidential as per our policy worldwide.

Our Lawyers in Abu Dhabi work with individuals, businesses, and corporate clients to deliver the best legal service possible to our clients.



Because we can help. And banking, insurance, labor law, attorneys, in Abu Dhabi, Dubai. For this purpose, our lawyers in Abu Dhabi, Dubai. are ready to help! Need UAE law advice? call
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