Banking lawyers

Our Abu Dhabi banking lawyers represent banks and clients in banking law matters involving; Banking regulation and law, Bank Fraud;

Moreover, Banking guarantees, bank letters of credit, money transfers, money collection, foreign bank exchange,

Additionally, any disputes arising between banks on all banking transactions.

Abu Dhabi banking lawyers;  Attorney Ezz is the dean of banking law in Egypt and Abu Dhabi; he is beyond reproach and responsible for bank regulatory law and compliance to central banks regulations at significant Gulf banks.

 Moreover, Our Professional Abu Dhabi banking lawyers work with local and international banking law in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Cairo.

 In Particular, our Abu Dhabi banking lawyers Work on a range of banking & finance matters,

Further, hiring a high caliber & qualified Solicitors & banking’s associate experiencing an excellent academic

And have work record in the bank and finance departments.

Moreover, our UAE, Dubai, Abu Dhabi banking and finance law firm is reliable in banking, Islamic finance, project development;

and finance, derivatives, and structured finance. We are providing support on newsworthy, market-leading matters.

Abu Dhabi banking lawyers, finance attorneys represent clients in courts of the UAE.

Above all, Our UAE, Dubai, Abu Dhabi Banking Litigation practice encompasses the representation of Clients.

Because we represent our financial institution clients in federal and state courts from the inception of a matter through appeal to supreme courts.

Additionally, we represent commercial banks, savings banks, bank holding companies, mortgage bankers,

AND leasing companies, credit unions, and other financial service institutions. Also, We handle litigation matters involving breach of contract, business torts, collections, consumer financial services;

director and officer liability; commercial foreclosures; lender liability claims; branch acquisitions and sales; mergers, and general bank regulatory issues.

Our Abu Dhabi banking advocates and solicitors in UAE, Dubai, Abu Dhabi serve banking clients in many areas:

Regulatory and Operational of banking transaction.

Our Abu Dhabi banking lawyers are professionals in Arbitration & Litigation.

Further, we counsel bank clients in such matters as controlling non-loan losses, electronic fund transfers,

And, deposit account structuring, variable rate lending, disclosure requirements, branch acquisition and establishment,

Also, we counsel on securities, credit cards, letters of credit and guarantees, funding, and industrial development bonds.

Further, we serve banks in matters of lending (residential and commercial), insolvency,

And; individual and business collections, workouts, bankruptcies, real estate foreclosures, and workouts,

In addition to collections, bankruptcy, foreclosures, and workouts, which routinely take us to court,

So, our Abu Dhabi banking lawyers frequently represent banks (and others) in state and federal litigation involving the full spectrum of lender liability issues.

Thus, we handle cases of fraud and defalcation of bank employee allegations and customer fraud on banks,

And, embezzlements implicating depositor banks, forged instruments, alleged bankers’ negligence

And malfeasance, equitable subordination, and environmental liability.

Our Abu Dhabi banking lawyer worked inside significant banks and collect practical experience and banking background too

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