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Our Bankruptcy lawyers in Abu Dhabi help those in a challenging financial situation and considering filing for Bankruptcy in court.

It is crucial to understand that filing for Bankruptcy requires professional legal expertise.

Further, Our dedicated team of Abu Dhabi bankruptcy lawyers is here to help you navigate through this complex legal terrain and safeguard your rights.


Why should you seek the assistance of our bankruptcy lawyers?


The answer is simple: Filing a bankruptcy request involves intricate legal work, and any mistakes or missteps can have severe consequences, potentially leading to imprisonment. Under Article 199 of the U.A.E. bankruptcy code, a person declared bankrupt due to gross negligence resulting in the loss of creditors may face imprisonment for up to two years and a fine not exceeding AED 60,000.


Our Bankruptcy lawyers in Abu Dhabi can protect you!


We are committed to protecting our clients throughout the bankruptcy process. Our experienced lawyers possess an in-depth understanding of the U.A.E. bankruptcy laws and regulations. With their expertise, they will guide you through the necessary steps, ensuring compliance with all legal requirements and minimizing any risks that could jeopardize your freedom or financial standing.


Tips about the federal bankruptcy law in U.A.E.:


To shed further light on the seriousness of the matter, let us outline Article 197 of the Federal Law by Decree No. (9) of 2016 on Bankruptcy. This article states that anyone declared bankrupt by a final judgment may face imprisonment for up to five years if they engage in any of the following acts:


1 – Concealing, destroying, or altering books intending to harm creditors.

2 – Embezzling or concealing assets to the detriment of creditors.

3 – Willfully acknowledging debts they do not owe, through written or verbal means, in balance sheets, or by withholding crucial documents or explanations, with full knowledge of the consequences.

4 – Deceiving creditors to procure a Protective Composition or restructuring.

5 – Engaging in deceitful practices to increase liabilities, decrease asset values, or enter into fraudulent settlements.


As you can see, the implications of mishandling your bankruptcy claim are grave.

Therefore, we advise you to exercise extreme caution when filing your bankruptcy declaration. Relying on our knowledgeable bankruptcy lawyers will help you avoid any unintentional missteps that could lead to severe legal repercussions.


Our firm prioritizes our client’s well-being and is steadfast to providing the highest quality legal services. Our bankruptcy lawyers will work closely with you, assessing your unique circumstances, strategizing a robust defense, and ensuring your rights and interests are safeguarded throughout the bankruptcy process.


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Remember, your future and financial well-being are at stake.

Therefore, Entrust your bankruptcy case to experienced professionals who will fight for your rights and protect your interests.


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In short, The U.A.E. Bankruptcy Code (the law in bankruptcy proceedings) is federal and therefore applies nationwide, in Every Emirate of the U.A.E.,
Consequently, It is essential to consult with U.A.E. or Egyptian attorneys, lawyers, and legal consultants practicing in U.A.E.
However, if you’re facing growing debt and experiencing significant anxiety and
then it’s time to call for a confidential bankruptcy consultation.
Because we own all equipment of the experience, knowledge, and bankruptcy team, that’s Necessary to evaluate, prepare, and file your case correctly.

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