Our Abu Dhabi criminal corporate lawyers in Abu Dhabi, Dubai acts for business clients in the most complex and challenging situations.

Moreover, and provide specialist legal advice to directors and officers and all seniors in matters related to their business or in their natural life.

To illustrate, Our Dubai, Abu Dhabi business and corporate lawyers help management to make impactful decisions in very short timescales.

Furthermore, our team of expert corporate lawyers in Abu Dhabi supports our clients in all areas of their business decision;

; ensuring that management is making the right decisions at the right time.

Specifically, we act for business clients in the most complex and challenging situations like criminal law:

For example,  we represent clients in cyber crimes, drug crimes, alcohol crimes, fraud crimes lawyers of UAE Abu Dhabi Dubai

Dubai & Abu Dhabi labor, maritime, banking lawyers services;

Al Saaedi with Abu Dhabi lawyers Dedicating legal Service Managers;

No more traffic: our legal service managers come to your offices, saving your time.
So That, we enable you to focus more on running your business instead of stuck in traffic:
Thus, we save double the cost; Dubai, Abu Dhabi lawyers, charge only AED 5000.00 per visit.

Call our

Abu Dhabi criminal corporate lawyers

Therefore, Call us: Unlike average law firms, our service managers – lawyers in Dubai, Abu Dhabi,
And UAE, Egypt, Cairo are there to talk through the case with you, giving you complete information and peace of mind.
Consequently, Legal Lectures: Our service managers and legal team clients usually call upon to give lectures on specific topics to the staff of our corporate clients.
Further, we shall come to your office and answer your questions to prepare your team to handle legal risk.
Most importantly, contracts and contract-related issues are other areas in which legal advice for an SME is vital.

Dedicating legal Service Managers and the Duties

In short, our service includes a full range of different types of matters:
For example:- drafting contracts in the first instance to reviewing agreements before they are signed.
Furthermore,  we shall come to counseling you in all areas of law that are about your business.
So that client can appoint our law firm to undertake employment tribunal litigation and employment legal advisory services:
For instance, appoint us for one to three years.
Therefore, Al Saaedi is the first selection to manage the legal services team to deliver employment tribunal litigation work as part of this engagement.
So, Clients appoint us as legal support law firms who are a leading provider wide range of legal matters:
 For instance, such as legal document review teams, by the best quality of legal professionals.
To support international companies in Abu Dhabi, Dubai UAE with legal support from legal managers for recruitment, corporate law, trade-mark law.
Since then, we are growing and become one of the industry’s most successful and reliable legal firms:
 At The Same Time,  we supply expert legal staff to corporates across the globe.

importance of our services:-

  Therefore; If you know of anyone engaging in securing Temporary, Contract, or Permanent work;
Hence, please let us know! If we successfully place your referral, you can claim up to UAE 3000 AED worth of cash (or any other retailer you prefer).
Immediately, Give one of our consultants the details of the referral, and we will do the rest!

To illustrate more;




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