Construction Law

Construction Law

Abu Dhabi Dubai Construction lawyers at Al Saaedi law firm retain excellent construction advocates and lawyers in Abi Dhabi and Dubai is a landmark for construction jurisprudence.
most importantly, the construction sector in Gulf constitutes a critical axis of development due to its essential role in advancing the wheel of growth,
Since it’s creating more job opportunities and stimulating economic activity in many industries and other related activities.
Moreover, industries and activities related to the real estate sector, some of which are related to the pre-construction stage; such as; real estate studies and consultancy offices, engineering offices, and marketing companies

Contracting Industry And The Building Materials Industry

Next, Some of them are related to the construction stage, such as the contracting industry and the building materials industry, At last, some are after the construction stage, such as operating and maintenance companies and other industries that complement this sector. Therefore, this sector needs a professional and standout lawyer who can successfully deal with its complications. Al Saedi -with Abu Dhabi construction lawyers deals with all legal issues regarding the construction process. such as, acquiring land and financing a project to post-construction dispute resolution. including, a wide scope of matters, such as building contracts, construction and builders’ liens, tendering, and construction claims. And, bonds and sureties which pertain to all parties in the construction industry,In addition to, architects, subcontractors, general contractors, material suppliers, builders, designers, developers, planners, engineers and financial institutions.

Abu Dhabi Construction Lawyers

Because we formed the best team of construction lawyers and advocates in Dubai and Abu Dhabi for construction disputes, our team is the best in arbitration and litigation too. Every one of our construction lawyers in Abu Dhabi and Dubai has more than 45 years of expertise accompanied with success. Al-Saaedi construction law lawyers in Abu Dhabi specializes in international construction claims and disputes in relation to civil engineering, industrial and building projects, as well as claims under contracts in hotel and recreation projects. in addition, Our Abu Dhabi construction lawyers deal with matters such as infrastructure, housing, planning permissions and construction and engineering.

Our Lawyers Work Involves Negotiating

Moreover, our lawyers work involves negotiating contracts and general procurement which happens before construction begins. Also, with the people who are initiating the project, financers, the architects and the companies doing the actual construction. Besides, our Construction lawyers deal with contentious when something goes wrong. Above all, We own our extensive experience with both construction contractors and contracting companies in process of:- a) in their relations with the client, b) in the setting up and operation of joint ventures, consortium.

The Procurement Stage Set

Since, the parties draw up contracts at the procurement stage set out how they will solve disputes arising between them. In an effort to minimize costs, they usually resolve disputes through negotiation, reconciliation, or arbitration, but if a case goes to court. Last case won by Abu Dhabi construction lawyers Above all, our specialist construction lawyers are permitted to practice in all courts and arbitration, we won an international construction disputes around disruption and finance, and won the construction dispute over 120 Million.

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