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Advocate Ahmed ALSAAEDI established his Dubai and Abu Dhabi law firm to be a lighthouse for those justice seekers and waiting for legal satisfaction.

Indeed, those who dealt with us recommend our Abu Dhabi law firm and Dubai lawyers for any legal representation;

and; consultancy; for our attitude, commitment, integrity, professionalism, and honesty.

Moreover, Our Abu Dhabi law firm

is the homeland of UAE Law;

; and has a team of the best criminal, family, labor, construction lawyers in Abu Dhabi & Dubai UAE.

Most Importantly, now we are the law reference and famous experts in every law practice area.

For example, we are among the best banking, insurance, accidents;

And, corporate, real estate, rent, and investment laws.

Immediately, Advocate Ahmed Al Saaedi established his Abu Dhabi Law firm and expanded to Dubai;

Subsequently, expanding to Dubai, with a team of talent-able, honestly trusted civil and criminal lawyers.

Certainly, the best lawyers in Abu Dhabi & Dubai are at the roof of our Dubai and Abu Dhabi law firm:

Nowadays, AlSaaedi’s lawyers in Abu Dhabi, Dubai are famous as the Best civil, family, criminal & divorce lawyers.

Therefore, we are providing legal consultancy to companies and individuals at professional excellence and probity.

Above all, and In this way, we gain persistently impressive ratings from both clients and peers.

To illustrate, our lawyers in Abu Dhabi & Dubai are not comparable;

To Clarify, as a result of being a leading law firm, in all areas of practice;

Therefore, we are committing to our Lord, community, courts, judges, colleagues;

; and clients, to be honest, professionals, and straightforward.

So, Fortunately, We are among the few law firms with In-house experience spanning four decades.

In Brief, the firm has over 4-decades of combining experience to draw upon;

; with branches in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, and Cairo, Egypt.

Our clients come to us because of our outstanding expertise across the whole spectrum of legal products, our client-friendly approach, and our ‘can-do attitude

world assures that our Dubai lawyers, like Abu Dhabi attorneys, are the best to advocate them in Criminal, civil, corporate, construction, and family law courts.

Furthermore, And the Partners are attorneys, advocates, legal counsels & lawyers from different nations.

Above all, The partners are lawyers who came together after serving in senior positions within the global corporate and banking industries.

We aim to be a niche expert for SMEs and corporate clients because of a lack of high-quality service at a cost-effective price within the U.A.E market.

To Clarify, Our Family, Corporate, Criminal Lawyers, Advocates are very well selected at our Abu Dhabi law firm.

As a full spectrum law firm, we pride ourselves on delivering on your legal requirement, no matter how complex the legal challenge is.

Our outright, uncompromising approach to service puts us ahead of the competition.

Our attorneys, advocates, legal counsels & lawyers, and arbitrators work with our clients to deliver success time and time again.

premium legal expertise

Al Saedi law firm in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, offers premium legal expertise advice with an understanding of corporate business, enabling us to offer a practical range of solutions.

This approach to service and expertise ensures Al Saedi is a growing force within the Middle Eastern corporate law sector.

The Union between Abu Dhabi Law firm with Dubai office;

From day one, we employ and associate with the best lawyers and legal advisors in Dubai, like in Abu Dhabi, to meet the needs of small and medium-sized companies within one firm.

Moreover, Our  Dubai, Abu Dhabi law firm combines the knowledge and experience of lawyers from several jurisdictions.

Furthermore, Our international law firm is ideally a home to advise and represent clients in domestic and cross-border transactions.

Additionally,  our partners and counsels advise on each industry’s federal regulations and Abu Dhabi’s legislation.

Moreover, Our Abu Dhabi lawyers work with colleagues from our network in Dubai and Cairo, Egypt, to deliver practical advice on complex issues.

Moreover, AL-Saaedi is one of the top law firms in Abu Dhabi with the best lawyers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi because of their vast experience;

;  in Criminal law, business law, Family Law, real estate law, Landlord & Tenants law, Employment Law, banking law;

Also, maritime law, insurance, reinsurance law, Etc in litigation, mediation, and arbitration.

Additionally, Our lawyers, attorneys, and legal consultants have considerable experience as advocates in U.A.E. and Egypt -law jurisdiction.

Above all; Our Abu Dhabi law firm’s Litigation practice attorneys offer a high degree of expertise;

; across all areas including but not limited to complex commercial litigation securities, anti-trust, contract, real estate, and intellectual property.

We represented local banks and medium-sized companies during our practice and appeared in civil and criminal cases.

  Our Dubai and Abu Dhabi law firm offers professional, friendly, and reliable legal service to clients in all legal matters. Under Al-Saaedi’s leadership, the Legend advocate and the best legal expert in the U.A.E. law.

Our Abu Dhabi law firm and commercial disputes:

Our highly expert commercial and business dispute team of lawyers and legal consultants in Abu Dhabi and Dubai is talented in dealing with a broad range of disputes.

Abu Dhabi law firm has seasoned lawyers and legal consultants

Our law firm is one of the most knowledgeable and seasoned lawyers in Abu Dhabi, Dubai in alternative dispute resolution, mediation, arbitration, and all U.A.E. legislations.

Listed in all local and federal courts;

Therefore, We are here to offer you guidance and advice through this complex legal process. Regardless of the circumstances about your legal matter, we are fully equipped and qualified to represent you.

Hence; Call Our lawyers, attorneys, legal advisors, and staff who have uniquely training in civil, criminal, family, banking, insurance, corporate, labor cases to provide you with the best results possible.


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