Abu Dhabi Legal Consultancy

Our Abu Dhabi legal consultants serve corporate and normal individuals in civil or criminal law issues efficiently and at a reasonable cost.
Our Legal Consultants & Advocates law firm has a judicial ministerial permit to render precautional legal consultancy;
and legal opinion to clients to let them avoid any disputes in the future or legal consultancy to solve these disputes.
Moreover, our Abu Dhabi law firm is a trusted legal adviser to individuals and businesses of all sizes throughout the UAE and overseas.
Then, all licensed attorneys to practice law get a  permit to consult and advise about UAE law; we recommend every aspect of business or personal issues.
However, from our point of view, legal consultants should have more long-term experiments and practice than advocates.
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Why Our Abu Dhabi Legal advisors & Advocates?


Our consultants are well prepared to advise on all domestic and international legal issues arising during everyday life or work.

 This includes assisting companies’ principals and executive officers in making the right decision;

Our Abu Dhabi Legal consultants advise in an official capacity about law matters as follows:-

§  Company Formation

§  Business sales and purchases

§  Protect Your Investment, business, and life:

§ Defense of Patents, Copyrights, and Trademarks.

§  End Business Partnership

Our legal counselors advise individuals, businesses, and investors

We are a leading full-service international law and legal consultancy firm advising investors, companies, and individuals across the UAE and globally, with core values of collaboration, entrepreneurship, and excellence.
Our experienced lawyers achieved high recognition as experts from leading City, national, and international law firms and senior in-house positions.
Our legal industry experts cover commercial, technology, employment, corporate, data protection, real estate, banking, insurance, labor, banking, work, and intellectual property.

Our Abu Dhabi legal consultant’s tips:-

Many small business owners initially take a do-it-yourself approach to legal issues. Using off-the-shelf templates for business contracts can be a cheap way to get started.

However, trying to understand or solve legal issues alone can cost more in the long run than seeking professional legal help.

According to a Legal Services report, small businesses lose around AED 6 bn each year due to legal issues – many of which are avoidable.

In such cases, our legal consultants in Abu Dhabi will ensure you are familiar with your rights and advise you on how best to proceed. This helps you to avoid situations or outcomes that unfairly infringe on your rights,

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