Al Saedi 4 LAW


Our Abu Dhabi Legal services and consultancy with the same high quality in Dubai include criminal, family, insurance, labor law;

; and banking, finance, corporate, maritime law issues.

First, In 1982, we started to offer our clientele a wide range of legal services across different industries and sectors.

Indeed, Al Saaedi legal consultancy in the Abu Dhabi office offers local and international legal and business consulting;

Moreover, our legal consultancy to public and business and investment sectors in the Middle East, Gulf, Europe, Asia, United Kingdom, and the United States.

Abu Dhabi Legal services are limitless;

Not only that, but also in real estate, hotels, oil and gas, shipping, and maritime law.

Moreover, our legal services span divorce, marriage, and maritime law.

In addition, we are offering legal advisory services to individuals.

Above all, Our law offices comprise lawyers and legal consultants with long terms of practice in civil and criminal law.

Therefore, we offer a range of domestic and international legal advice to help our clients meet their legal needs.

So, Our Law Office, which has a license from the ministry of justice in UAE, is an interdisciplinary law firm.

Moreover, That provides a wide range of legal services and solutions to national and international clients.

Furthermore, Our clients are small businesses, mid-size companies, and individuals.

Abu Dhabi Legal services is a reference to colleagues, courts;

We are a reference to those who are seeking counsel in matters involving national or international legal issues.

Moreover, the qualification and expertise to offer legal  services and consultation in Abu Dhabi;

Furthermore,  have all qualifications and expertise to represent clients in litigation and settlement of disputes and non-contentious matters.

 Most Important, Our Legal Services Are Not Limited to One Specific Area of Law.

So, Get Affordable Legal Help! Abu Dhabi Legal services providers will assist.



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