Abu Dhabi legal team

Abu Dhabi legal team
Abu Dhabi legal team


Our Abu Dhabi legal team is A trusted global legal advisor in Abu Dhabi;

and a client-focused law firm acting as trusted advisers to individuals and businesses of all sizes throughout the UAE and overseas.

Further, we offer expert advice on litigation & disputes, and contracts.

          We are dynamic & Rapid:

Clients see us as a dynamic, rapid, and professional global law firm that focuses on providing a complete legal service to clients in many sectors;

For example, our practice area includes- but is not limited – criminal, civil, corporate, insurance, reinsurance, banking, trademark, patents, and bankruptcy law.

Our Abu Dhabi legal team comprises talented lawyers, solicitors, caliber legal consultants.

Further, our team is astute arbitrators who have more than + 40 Years of expertise.

Moreover, Our team consists of highly qualified and professional legal advisors;

More, and advocates in Abu Dhabi & Dubai who are passionate about assisting clients with their expertise.

Why Our Abu Dhabi legal team?

Our legal team expertise includes all law areas, such as banking, finance, insurance, labor, maritime, civil, criminal, and family law.

Therefore, our legal team and partners are the best in all of the law practice, 

Further, and no one on Abu Dhabi legal team has less than 20 years of practicing in court cases and arbitration.

Al Saaedi is a renowned court advocate & legal consultant with specialist experience in Transportation law, especially Road transport, Maritime, and aviation.

Besides, He worked on a wide range of cases within and without the transport sector with global.

Further, and national clients seeking his advice, including the Abu Dhabi National Transport Authority.

Moreover, he is one of the best family, divorce, criminal and accident, personal injury lawyers,

And he has a remarkable presence in all courts and the public prosecutor’s office.

For more information, legal advice, representation, Arbitration, and litigation.