Abu Dhabi Tax Lawyer

Our Abu Dhabi tax lawyers and customs advocates have extensive experience and deliver a high level of vat – value-added tax – and income tax services in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, UAE, and Cairo, Egypt.

Moreover, Our Abu Dhabi tax lawyers in our tax law firm is a specialist tax team made up of lawyers from different practice areas across the firm, each bringing their expertise to advise clients in all tax issues;

Moreover, Our Abu Dhabi Abu Dhabi tax lawyers advise on all tax issues, including VAT, corporate tax, tax compliance, and tax disputes.

Therefore, When you need strict tax law or custom Duty representation in UAE, turn to our Tax Law office in Abu Dhabi.

Our Custom Duty lawyers in Abu Dhabi

In custom duty issues, you should have an excellent reputation and track record of success, like our law firm;

Furthermore, ask about the law firm helping businesses and individuals facing customs disputes, investigations, fraud allegations, and prosecutions like ours.

Moreover,  we are reliable and professional taxation and custom duty lawyers in the United Arab Emirates,

Above all, we specialize in VAT, and Corporate Tax, proving their presence for big or middle-size companies.

The firm’s Abu Dhabi tax lawyers team is skilled in litigated and non-litigated matters, including legal issues before Abu Dhabi and Dubai jurisdictions.

The Abu Dhabi tax attorneys of AL_SAAEDI Avocats specialize in a broad spectrum of legal services for many commercial entities.

The firm advises various businesses from their inception and development, and expansion.

Our Abu Dhabi tax lawyer can assist in taxation, from tax planning to value add and a surcharge.

Consult with the AL_SAAEDI Avocats team of Abu Dhabi tax attorneys for vast legal proficiencies in tax law.




Abu Dhabi Tax Lawyer With Vast Experience

AL_SAAEDI tax and value-added tax Avocats works with a broad client roster of private businesses, institutions, and individuals.
Abu Dhabi Tax Lawyer With Vast Experience
Ezzeldin Othman, the firm’s lead attorney, first developed his expertise in business law, corporate and commercial transactions, and litigation.
His expertise in insolvency law has led him to handle significant corporate restructuring cases, in which he offers his clients a true mastery of business law.
He has law and accountancy qualifications because he has a law degree and a bachelor of commerce.

Abu Dhabi Tax Lawyers Skilled In Litigation

Ezz, the legal consultant, is a top-of-mind focus on all related issues that influence their client’s legal and commercial interests. Consult with a professional tax attorney in Abu Dhabi for sound solutions supported by a knowledgeable source.
Abu Dhabi Tax Lawyers Skilled In Litigation
The AL_SAAEDI Avocats tax lawyers in Abu Dhabi offer a high level of competence in their tax law practice, focusing on responding efficiently to the core needs of its clients.
AL_SAAEDI Avocats is particularly attached to respecting the legal profession’s ethical values.
This includes a practice of strict professional secrecy and avoidance of conflicts of interest, necessary to ensure the legal security sought by its clients.