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UAE Corporate Tax law

UAE corporate and business tax LAW 47/2022 It’s the first time to implement a law about corporate tax in The united Arab Emirates We shall explain corporate tax law simply by stating the article and then what we can understand. Federal Decree-Law No. 47 of 2022 on the Taxation of Corporations and Businesses   Article […]

custom duty

Our Abu Dhabi Customs law firm comprises a custom Duty law team that helps businesses and individuals with the international supply chain. Moreover, Our Abu Dhabi Customs duty lawyers help clients to navigate the complex rules governing the import of goods into the United Arab Emirates.  Above all, Our Customs law attorneys routinely advise on […]


Abu Dhabi Extradition lawyers in UAE explain the UAE law on extradition; EXTRADITION  OF PERSONS living in UAE TO A FOREIGN STATE; Abu Dhabi Extradition lawyers explain the mechanism; The extradition of a person in another territory is limited to the accused or convicted foreign persons to the foreign judicial authority for investigation, criminal trial, […]

Emiratis ratio of employees

Are you well-prepared to increase the Emiratis ratio of employees in the private sector? employers with more than 50 Employees and their commitment by Ministerial decree No 279 for 2022 If you are an Establishments registered with the Ministry of human resources and Emiratisation and If you are employing more than 50 employees, Then, you […]

probation period in UAE labor law

Our Abou Dhabi employment lawyers explain Everything about the probation period in UAE labor law, the right of an employee to leave, move, transfer to another employer within this period, 1 – The employer may appoint the employee under a probationary period not exceeding (6) six months from the commencement date. 2 – The employer […]


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Criminal defense lawyers

Article 27 of the UAE Constitution states that “the law defines crimes and penalties, and there is no penalty for what was done or neglected; before the issuance of the law that stipulates it.” Not only the constitution- but also Article 13 of the Crimes and Penalties code stipulates that the provisions of laws only […]

trademarks patents copyright lawyers

Our trademarks patents copyright lawyers in Abu Dhabi Explain the law of trademarks and names; How to Distinguish between tradename and trademark To illustrate, The trade name is a specific name taken by the merchant or the commercial company to distinguish his store or the company from others.  In Other Words, For this trade name […]