Over the years, our Dubai Abu Dhabi lawyers are at the forefront of legal developments in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, advising in every aspect of UAE law.

Moreover, we are helping clients to grow and operate in Abu Dhabi, Dubai;

; our lawyers are full-time and the top and best construction, insurance, maritime, and labor lawyers.

Furthermore, our lawyers in Abu Dhabi, Dubai serve clients inside and outside the UAE;

; and global clients who concern in matters in Abu Dhabi, Dubai.

We are proud of our team of legal consultants, arbitrators, and lawyers

Therefore, we are among the top 10 law firms in Abu Dhabi, Dubai;

Also, our leading advocates, attorneys, and legal advisors in Abu Dhabi, Dubai are Egyptian and UAE Emirati lawyers;

; advocates, and legal consultants in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

So, If you ask about the best lawyers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, they will point to us.

Subsequently, we don’t offer free legal advice in Abu Dhabi, Dubai because our advice is valuable;

Moreover, as to the legal and law fields, don’t look for cheap services because you will get inferior results.

Our team of attorneys are efficient

Dubai Abu Dhabi law firm, by Advocate Al_saaedi, is a modern, medium-size international legal firm with efficient corporate, construction, labor, trademark attorneys, and lawyers in Abu Dhabi.

Because we are a strong team, we can defend clients’ interests whatever they are or practice.

And representing your legal interests throughout UAE and provide you with comprehensive support as long-term partners.

Why  our team  at our Abu Dhabi law firm in criminal law

Further, each criminal defense lawyer and advocate at our Law Offices possess a wide range of experience.

In Short, expertise to prepare and aggressively defend your case,

additionally, they have all knowledge, skills, and relationships to negotiate a favorable disposition successfully. 

In Conclusion, we believe that results speak for themselves.

Therefore, Our consistent success has earned our criminal defense lawyer’s recognition throughout Dubai.

Above all, we have the honor and pride to receive referrals from local and federals  from many public prosecutors and lawyers with whom we are dealing. 

Dubai Abu Dhabi lawyers  at our Dubai Abu Dhabi law firm and corporate law

Additionally, we have a corporate team of lawyers serving the corporate and commercial business in Dubai or Abu Dhabi.

Also,  our Dubai Abu Dhabi lawyers are the best in family and criminal law in Abu Dhabi, and Dubai;

; is the first choice for those facing criminal or family issues.

Therefore; Our lawyers have their remarkable presence in all  s of Dubai and Abu Dhabi,

For instance, in civil, criminal, corporate, and labor courts in Abu Dhabi, we have a remarkable presence in the Dubai family court.

Dubai Abu Dhabi law firm and lawyers and family law

To, defending in proof of marriage, divorce, child care, custody, and alimony,

we support both locals and ex-pats around the globe;

Our ex-pat’s divorce lawyers have a track record in international family disputes success.

Eventually, Where divorce or separation has an international dimension, this can add additional complexity,

In particular,  where marriage involves children.

Hence; Our family team of family & divorce lawyers has the skills and expertise to support you throughout this process.

Because we act quickly on your behalf to ensure the most applicable Laws we shall adopt;

 Above all,  those laws are advantageous to you without necessarily returning to your home country.

Most importantly, the timing and form of which Country is sometimes vital to ensuring the best outcome for you.

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