Banking Lawyers

Banking Lawyers

Attorney Ezz is leading our finance & banking lawyers in Abu Dhabi; he started his career inside significant banks till he became the manager of legal department of 20 years;

Moreover, he could merge law with accountancy to give best results, because he has both the legal qualifications plus his degree from the faculty of commerce;

Accordingly, no one can compete with him except those with the same experience inside big banks and who have 2 degrees of qualifications.

Moreover, Our banking law practice involves transactions between banks and other banks and individuals and business transactions with banks.

Furthermore, Our banking lawyers in Abu Dhabi have an in-depth knowledge of banking and financial services law and practice enhanced by years of experience.

Additionally, We provide additional support to clients through regular seminars, briefings, and in-house training.

Above all, We provide technically excellent advice and consistently seek to provide the best possible service for our clients, however big or small the project.

Our lawyers are reliable legal consultants who are on hand to offer first-rate technical expertise to set up and finance innovative projects and help our clients overcome their difficulties.

Our finance & banking lawyers in Abu Dhabi; are supportive of individuals and corporations in any transaction regarding the following matters;

1 – Disputes around bank deposits;

As per Article 371 of commercial transactions law, A bank cash deposit is a contract by which one person delivers a sum of money, by any means of payment, to the bank that undertakes to return it upon request or according to the agreed conditions.

Sometimes banks impose conditions on the withdrawal of deposits; clients must respect the stipulations.

2 – Disputes around Saving accounts:

As per law, Where the depositor has several accounts in one bank or the same bank branch, each account is deemed independent unless otherwise agreed.

3 – Disputes around BANK TRANSFERS:

A bank transfer is an operation in which the bank debits the account of a person who orders the transfer and puts the same amount in the credit side of another person’s account under written order.

As per   Article 387, If the client issues a transfer order to the bank, but the client has insufficient balance. The bank can refuse to execute the order provided it notifies without delay of such refusal to the person ordering the transfer.

our finance & banking lawyers in Abu Dhabi are supportive lawyers with the following;

4 – Disputes Around the bank’s Current accounts;

Article 390 of commercial law definition of current account;

A current account is a contract between two persons pursuant to which the rights and debts arising from their mutual relationship are converted into entries in the account, to be set off against each other so that the final balance resulting upon the closure of the account shall alone constitute a payable debt.

5 – Disputes Around bank loans; as per Article 409 of UAE commercial law

1 – A bank loan is a: Contract in which the bank hand over to the borrower a sum of money as a loan,  or if the bank enters such amount in the credit side to the account of the borrower with the bank according to conditions and time limits they agree upon.

2 – Guarantees may secure the loan.

3 – The borrower has to repay the loan and its interests to the bank within the time limits and according to their conditions.

6 – Disputes Around BANK GUARANTEE  as per Article 411 of UAE commercial law

1 – A bank guarantee is an undertaking issued by a bank to settle the customer’s debt to a third party under the conditions agreed upon and included in the guarantee deed, which may be for a definite or indefinite period.

2 – A bank guarantee entails joint liability.

7 – Disputes Around credit  as per Article 420 of UAE commercial law

1 – The opening of credit is a contract according to which the bank places at the disposal of the customer a certain specified sum of money, which the customer has the right to draw at one go or several intervals.

2 – A credit is opened either for a definite or indefinite term.

8 – Disputes Around documentary credit  as per Article 428 of UAE commercial law

1 – A documentary credit is a contract under which a bank opens a credit at the request of its customer ( the person is ordering the opening of the credit ) within the limits of a specified amount and for a definite term in favor of another person ( the beneficiary ) against a security of documents representing goods freighted or intended for freight.

2 – A documentary credit contract is deemed independent of the contract that caused the credit opening, and the bank shall remain foreign to such agreement.



Our banking lawyers in Abu Dhabi are prominent in commercial banking transactions;

9 – Disputes Around OPERATIONS ON COMMERCIAL PAPERS as per article 440 of UAE commercial law

1 – A discount is a contract according to which a bank undertakes to pay in advance the value of a commercial paper to the beneficiary in consideration of transferring the ownership of such paper to the bank.

2 – The bank shall deduct the interest on the paper’s amount plus a commission from the sum paid to the beneficiary of the discount. They may agree to effect the discount against a fixed lump sum.



10 – Disputes Around LENDING SECURED BY FINANCIAL SECURITIES as per Article 450 of UAE commercial law


1 – A loan secured by financial securities is a mortgage secured by a mortgage.

2 – Should the financial securities be registered instruments, the mortgage thereof shall be made in writing by an assignment statement that it is given as a guarantee, marked on the instrument itself, and entered in the records of the issuing party.

However, where the financial securities are instruments to the bearer, they shall be treated as material movables, and a mortgage thereof may be established by all means of evidence.


Therefore, If you have any dispute around the explanations mentioned above, go to banking and financial experts;

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Abu Dhabi banking lawyers

Abu Dhabi And Dubai Finance Lawyers

They look after a range of clients, including private banks, wealth managers, asset managers, and individuals and corporates.
Our Abu Dhabi and Dubai finance lawyers advise on all aspects of financing and security matters. In contrast, our regulatory and fund lawyers help clients navigate the complex legal and regulatory landscape and bring new funds and services to market.
Our clients frequently ask us to help on complex matters that require input from our finance and regulatory lawyers. We can draw on other experts from across the firm as needful of clients to ensure that we provide complete banking and finance legal services.

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