international Criminal advocates


International criminal advocates in Abu Dhabi, Dubai
International criminal advocates in Abu Dhabi, Dubai

Our International criminal advocates in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and the UAE dedicate their experience and professionalism to helping those subject to a criminal investigation; contact us today.

To speak to one of our expert criminal defence lawyers, please telephone us at 00971503159583.

From your first interview at the police station to legal representation by a criminal defence lawyer in court, we will be by your side. No matter the offence, our team will have a criminal law solicitor who can help. Our criminal defence team is one of the best in the UAE, Abu Dhabi & Dubai, and has extensive experience appearing in criminal trials. We can help you with any of the following.


We can provide immediate specialist criminal legal advice and criminal defence representation at every stage of the criminal law process. If you need a criminal lawyer, contact Mr.Ezz today.

Our practice comprises the transnational crime category, which includes Cryptocurrency, trans-border organized criminal activity, counterfeiting, money laundering, financial crimes, credit card fraud, The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act – FCPA-  and the use of foreign bank accounts. Activities conducted across borders, through international telephone lines, wires, shipments and mail, and which affect or involve individuals in 2 or more countries are within our international criminal law practice.


Knowledge of recent international legal, treaty, and tribunal developments is essential for the best global criminal defence. Ezz, the experience in international extradition, the use of military forces and militias, and the differences in the criminal justice systems and civil rights and privileges worldwide are crucial in formulating effective and successful defence strategies for our clients. We have experience dealing with laws, government and law enforcement agencies and tribunals in countries all over the world, as well as with such that operate on a cooperative basis between and among nations.


We offer advocacy focusing on the international laws that may apply to their case. A lot of time and preparation is poured into each topic to get the best possible results.