UAE labor law

Call ABU DHABI  labor Law advocates and legal consultants! For Providing Trusted legal Advice from senior Expertise.

Mr. Ezz is a Formidable labor specialist with decades of experience that allow us to guide clients through a broad range of labor and employment matters.

We focus our practice on assisting clients through complex labor and employment matters.

For example, we focus on end-of-service, gratuity pay, arbitrary end-of-service, compensation, and personnel administration.

Moreover, we also help clients proactively comply with local, state, and federal regulations and resolve discrimination and wage/hour claims when they occur.

ABU DHABI  labor Law advocates will advocate for you

ABU DHABI  labor Law advocates will advocate for you;

We can support, negotiate and reach effective agreements that work for all parties, even in the most challenging settings.

We understand that every industry has unique labor and employment challenges. In substantial business, where labor and service delivery is at the forefront, it is crucial to anticipate and address legal details before they become problems.We enjoy the challenges of resolving labor and employment issues for clients so they can get back to business and care for their businesses.

ABU DHABI labor Law advocates defend your legal rights

In Particular, Our ABU DHABI  labor Law advocates at our Law Firm help protect your legal rights in cases such as labor law violations.

For Example, If you’ve any work-related injuries, our Abu Dhabi labor Lawyers will help you with a workers’ compensation claim.

Therefore, Our Employment Law Firm fights for justice and fair compensation for injured workers.

Above All, In the United Arab Emirates, employees have certain rights by law. If their employer or coworker violates these rights, the labor and employment lawyers at the best law firms in Abu Dhabi are here to help.

ABU DHABI labor Law advocates take civil and criminal cases

Consequently, Our attorneys take on civil litigation cases involving a wide range of labor disputes.

Therefore, Our firm has high recognition for filing more labor and employment cases than anyone else in the United Arab Emirates.

We always Offer High-Quality Legal Advice for corporations and Individuals in a Clear and Cost-effective Manner.

Moreover, Our Team Will Guide You Through Your Legal Affairs to Achieve the Best Solutions.

Employment law advice for employees in the City of Abu Dhabi from highly rated, cost-effective lawyers in top ABU DHABI  law firms.

Rely on our labor advocate because he is a specialist employment & labor lawyer in Abu Dhabi with over 20 years of experience as an employment law attorney. 

Employment lawyers for executives & senior employees. Specialist solicitors for complex & high-value employment law claim and HR legal advice.

To illustrate;


  Our employment law office in Abu Dhabi stands out for its reputation in employment appeal and cassation – supreme court –  tribunals and its capabilities in cross-border regulatory mandates.

ABU DHABI labor Law advocates are against discrimination

For any inquiries concerning labor and employment law, please get in touch with a member of our team in Abu Dhabi.

Our employment law team has decades of experience representing employees at all levels.

As per the United Arab Emirates Article (4) of unified rules about Equality and non-discrimination stats;

Law prohibits discrimination based on race, color, sex, religion, national or social origin, or because of disability among persons, which would weaken the equal opportunities or prejudice equality in getting a job, working, continuing it, and having its rights.

Law also states; Discrimination in the works with the same job duties shall be prohibited.

To illustrate;