We have the upper hand in legal services in Abu Dhabi, Our legal services expand from insurance Maritime corporate law to Banking, labor law in Abu Dhabi, Dubai,  and other major cities, If you are in need of legal assistance or advice, contact our lawyers.

In Abu Dhabi, Dubai, a Variety of Legal services we render.

Because; we have the best expert lawyers and are not one area of law practice In Abu Dhabi, Dubai.


Legal services in Abu Dhabi, Dubai

We have the best expertise lawyers and are not one area of law practice. Our legal services in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, are limited to family & criminal law and civil, corporate, and construction law. We also find in banking, insurance, and maritime, labor, trademark law.

Therefore, our legal services in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, are not limited to family, criminal, civil, corporate, and construction law!

For Instance, we have the best practicing lawyers in banking, insurance, maritime, labor, trademark law in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Indeed, we assure the best results in UAE, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Cairo Egypt courts because we offer uncomparable Legal services in Abu Dhabi, Dubai.

Further, our Legal services in Abu Dhabi, Dubai are multiple: it’s in Corporate & Commercial law, International Trade Law,

Moreover, in Intellectual Property law, Contracts law, divorce, family law, tax – VAT- law, employment law,

Above all, in banking law, insurance law, either in Litigation and Arbitration. We built this name in 1981.

Legal services in Abu Dhabi, Dubai in corporate and commercial law

1-   Corporate & Commercial Law 

In short; preamble on ; our Abu Dhabi corporate & commercial law Lawyers

Our law firm is Comprising international expert lawyers, who speak Arabic and English,

Therefore, our corporate team can advise you on the best course of action.

Because; We service a global client alongside major UAE-based companies.

And; We offer expert advice, incomparable service, and a team of specialists committed to meeting your needs.

Abu Dhabi corporate & commercial law Lawyers Examples only of our banking expertise;

For example, we act for listed and private companies, international banks, private equity houses and specialize in SMEs.

Meanwhile, our team provides a range of expertise that includes public and private mergers;

And; acquisitions, capital markets, joint ventures, private equity, and venture capital.

While our clients operate across a broad range of industries;

Therefore, we have a strong track record in the logistics, energy, construction, banking, and transportation sectors.

As well as the core corporate team,

So, we can draw upon specialist lawyers to provide transactional support,

For Instance, support covering commercial contracts, competition, IT, IP,  tax, employment and pensions, real estate, and regulatory matters.


2 –  Arbitration

In short; preamble on; our Abu Dhabi, Dubai Arbitration Lawyers

Because the UAE is a global player in international trade and a financial hub for the region, it also needs a competent legal system.

As a result, there will be inevitable disputes;

For example, disputes In Islamic culture, parties attempt to settle their disputes through amicable negotiation.

Moreover, the growth of the UAE as an international trade hub has also created a large number of complex disputes;

and Dubai has recently sought to place itself as a center for commercial dispute resolution.

Furthermore; Parties to international contracts are generally unwilling to submit their disputes to the Courts;

because the court conduct proceedings in the Arabic language.

Therefore international contracts generally include provisions for disputes for resolving by arbitration.

Above all, The law is developing rapidly in UAE.

Moreover; about our Abu Dhabi, Dubai Arbitration Lawyers; experts

And our experts are at the forefront of understanding and interpreting that law for our clients’ needs.

In Brief, local disputes are becoming more frequent and complex as corporations continue to enter new markets.

Therefore, The new markets need a backdrop of tighter regulatory scrutiny, higher accountability standards, and intense competition regulations.

And; with more companies doing business in emerging markets, the risks are even more significant.

Subsequently; All of this creates higher costs and greater liability, requiring avoiding these disputes whenever possible,

and resolving the conflict efficiently when disputes arise,

As a result, we help clients through this complex maze of legal red tape to minimize risk exposure, avoid arguments.

To explain, When disputes arise, we guide clients through pre-contentious negotiations

and help them choose the best favorable arbitrators.

Thus, we provide expert advice at every step of the process, including litigation, international arbitration, and alternative dispute resolution.

To Illustrate, visit this page;


3  –    Contracts & Agreements

In short; preamble on; our Abu Dhabi, Dubai Contracts & Agreements  Lawyers

Our Dubai and Abu Dhabi lawyers offer advice for residential and commercial contracts in the UAE.

Further, our commercial agreement’s lawyers can help you in all aspects of running your business.

Moreover, whether the matter concerns contracts or general agreements, you can count on the team.

Because; our Commercial Corporate team meets the needs of corporate and commercial clients.

Accordingly, the team provides advice on contracts in general and drafts unique and complex agreements from scratch.

And; if you need it for your particular situation.

For Instance, our Tailored agreement work covers:

  • 1-  Working with clients to identify the issues and understand the anticipated outcomes of the transaction

  • 2  – Designing the deal flow around the agreement

  • 3  – Drafting single or multiple contracts

  • 4 – Working with clients to negotiate a contract through to signature

  • 5  – Implementing transactions created by the arrangement

    our Expertise; Abu Dhabi, Dubai Contracts & Agreements  Lawyers; experts

Therefore. by working with our experts, you can focus on the day-to-day running of your business.

Moreover, with us, you know that you have specialists in the practice area working on your behalf.

Accordingly, our commercial contract lawyers will protect your investments and your assets.

In Addition to;  the recent revisions in contract and commercial law, it is even more important to collaborate with lawyers with in-depth knowledge.

For This Purpose, we strive to assist clients in achieving their goals  in Their Commercial contracts or otherwise,

Our Saaedi law firm is a firm you can count on to assist with your legal troubles.

For more information or to speak with one of our expert teams, contact us today.

Call:- 00971503159583



4-  International Trade

In short; preamble on; our Abu Dhabi, Dubai International Trade  Lawyers

The global market has become ever more open to trade;

But, disparate local laws and various business and cultural practices can make the distribution and selling of goods and services in specific markets a significant challenge.

Because, International trade sanctions limit how companies can do business and customs laws, exchange controls, and foreign investment requirements.

Therefore, our International Commercial & Trade lawyers help clients to overcome these challenges.

And successfully compete in the world’s developed and emerging markets.

Thus, we advise primary industrial, financial services, consumer products, pharmaceutical, and energy companies;

Abu Dhabi, Dubai International Trade  Lawyers; distribution and sale of goods, services

 We helo in sourcing, manufacturing, distributing and selling their products and services worldwide.

Above all, we also help clients select, monitor, and manage their relationships with third-party suppliers, manufacturers, distributors;

and sales agents in their supply chains.

Since we are Well-versed in WTO, regulatory, and commercial Law, we advise companies on compliance issues;

 Such as;  anti-corruption, anti-bribery, trade sanctions, export and import controls, commercial contracts, product labeling requirements, product liability;

And recalls and sales promotion and marketing rules across multiple countries.

No matter the issue, we focus on simplifying complex trade requirements so our clients can focus on growing their businesses.

5 –  Intellectual Property

In short; preamble on;  our Abu Dhabi, Dubai Intellectual Property  Lawyers

Managing and protecting intellectual property has become increasingly complex for global companies and SME’s alike.
Specifically, with clients and operations in multiple jurisdictions with various IP laws and levels of enforcement, rules are increasingly complex.
Further, rapid technological advancements have enabled infringers to become more sophisticated.
Moreover, as the primary driver of mergers and acquisitions, the rise of intellectual property develops strategies to protect these assets even more important.
Therefore, we have helped some of the UAE’s leading multinational companies in all aspects of the Law,
And we are legal experts in acquiring, protecting, enforcing, and exploiting their IP rights because we cover the full scope of IP services.
Our expertise, high-quality work, and commitment to client service reflect the recognition we receive within the legal industry.

Abu Dhabi, Dubai Intellectual Property  Lawyers! WHY  us


Because Saaedi law firm is a business law firm based in Abu Dhabi UAE and operating for local and Taking a strategic decision to protect and exploit your intellectual property (IP)​ .

Also, we provide strong counseling, transactional, and regulatory matters on overall IP advice and defend our clients’ rights against unauthorized use before national and federal Courts.

Our services include, among others, copyright litigation; drafting business agreements; patent enforcement; national and multinational trademark litigation, including oppositions at national (UAE Office for Intellectual Property), and (non-) infringements actions; etc.


6  –  Rules and Regulation

In short; preamble on; our Abu Dhabi, Dubai  Rules and Regulation  Lawyers

Whether you are a large multinational or a small to medium-size enterprise, businesses face an increasing burden of regulation.

And Regulation enforcement is increasing and aggressively.

Necessary, Regulatory non-compliance has serious consequences, both to the companies and those who work in them.

Subsequently, Our specialist teams are adept at providing prompt, focused, and commercial advice and support to avoid the pitfalls.

Furthermore, our regulatory practice has many facets and can advise on regulation in all its manifestations.

Above all, we have a strong banking and financial services capability, experience in providing advice in many areas.

Our specialties include regulatory reporting, authorization and approval applications,

and the implications of the new senior manager’s regime.

Abu Dhabi, Dubai  Rules and Regulation  Lawyers: compliance to all rules

Therefore, our regulatory compliance team advises on all aspects of the PRA – Prudential Regulation Committee -and FCA – the Financial Services Authority – conduct of business rulebooks;

Moreover, we have particular experience in client assets and custody, giving support to our diverse corporate teams.

And our litigation team acts for individuals and corporations and undertakes advocacy when appropriate.

Above all, the team also advises on business crime and corporate criminal liability over a broad spectrum.

We advise in other areas of corporate liability, including consumer protection and health and safety.

Thus, we act in professional standards and disciplinary attitudes.


7  – Tax – VAT-

In short; preamble on;  our Abu Dhabi, Dubai   Tax – VAT-  Lawyers

As specialist tax lawyers to firms in Abu Dhabi, Dubai the UAE with experience of more than four decades,

Accordingly, our tax experts are some of the most highly regarded tax lawyers in the UAE.

subsequently, our clients and industry peers recognize the high quality of the tax advice we provide in transactions locally and increasingly worldwide,

including,  transfer pricing, indirect taxes, dispute resolution, and wealth management matters.

Vat in UAE:- Value Added Tax (VAT) was introduced in the UAE on 1 January 2018.

The rate of VAT is 5 percent.

Abu Dhabi, Dubai   Tax – VAT-  Lawyers:- definitions;

Value Added Tax or VAT is a tax on the consumption or use of goods and services levied at each point of sale.

VAT is a form of indirect tax and is levied in more than 180 countries around the world.

The end-consumer ultimately bears the cost. Businesses collect and account for the tax on behalf of the government.

As a respected tax law firm in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, we have a team of legal professionals with many years of advisory, arbitration, compliance, and litigation experience related to tax law.

Our tax lawyers provide professional guidance with up-to-date knowledge of UAE tax law to all forms of companies.

8  –   Compensation claims

In short; preamble on; our Abu Dhabi, Dubai Compensation claims Lawyers

Our compensation lawyers, solicitors, and legal consultants are experts in advising people about compensation claims.

further, We have an excellent success rate – and win the vast majority of our compensation cases.

moreover, We will advise you if you have a chance of success before we take any case to avoid waste of your money.

therefore, our compensation lawyers have recovered millions of dirhams for our clients.

Because we know that people only seek advice from a compensation lawyer when they have been through a traumatic or painful experience.

In Fact, That is why our compensation claims lawyers are sympathetic and approachable;

Therefore, we listen before we offer advice and will do our utmost to obtain the maximum amount of compensation for you in the shortest possible time.

For instance; if you have any claim regarding; Personal Injury, accident claim, Medical Malpractice, Professional Liability Claims, workers’ compensation claims! our attorneys are ready

Then; visit us

Abu Dhabi, Dubai Compensation claims Lawyers

to illustrate:-     https://4l.biz/law-practice-areas/accidents-claims-attorney/


9 –  Labor & Employment Laws

In short; preamble on ; our Abu Dhabi, Dubai Labor & Employment Law Lawyers

For today’s employers, whether managing a global workforce in the UAE or a local team in a small enterprise,
hence, it requires complying with local labor and employment laws in multiple jurisdictions, staying abreast of rapidly changing regulations;
And handling the growing demands of labor unions and works for councils, and moving talent quickly across borders.
Therefore, it also means developing strategies to retain high-potential employees, especially during reorganizations and spinoffs.
To achieve these objectives, employers need to stay up-to-date on the latest employment trends in workforce restructuring, reward programs, and labor and human rights.

To illustrate more: Abu Dhabi, Dubai Labor & Employment Law Lawyers



10 –  Marriage, Divorce & Custody

In short; preamble on; Abu Dhabi, Dubai Marriage, Divorce & Custody Lawyers

Indeed, visiting with an attorney for the first time can be unnerving.

Because; you may be unfamiliar with legal terms.

And may not even be sure of what type of representation you need.

Therefore, At our Ahmed Salem Al Saeedi law firm, we can help.

Our goal is to make you feel comfortable.

So, we ask questions that will enable us to evaluate your needs.

Then, we explain how things work to allow you to make the right decisions.

Contact us for experienced, efficient legal representation.

Abu Dhabi, Dubai Marriage, Divorce & Custody Lawyers! Professional services

Because we understand your legal concerns and we are responsible for helping you find the best possible solution.

Indeed, Our firm is responsible for providing you exceptional legal service.

Furthermore, we devote our time to making sure you receive the personal attention you deserve by simplifying the legal process as much as possible,

So that we ensure that you can make well-informed decisions that support your best interests.

We represent clients with marital and family law concerns involving:

11 –  Litigation, 

In short; preamble on; Abu Dhabi, Dubai  Litigation Lawyers

Our dispute resolution lawyers throughout our practice and network represent global businesses.

Accordingly, we represent clients on litigation, arbitration, regulatory, and mediation matters.

Also, we have broad experience in corporate risk management and conflict management,

And we are advising senior-level board members and executives of substantial corporate and banks.

Our team and network have renown the industry,

Further, this is enabling us to represent clients effectively in the most complex and sophisticated investigations.

Moreover, we provide a complete and comprehensive legal service regarding litigation.

 And have dealt with many of the problems generated by changes in the UAE marketplace.

Abu Dhabi, Dubai  Litigation Lawyers; cross border disputes

Accordingly, our network is ideally in the right place to handle the growing number of cross-border disputes.

No matter how complex within the UAE, we can manage disputes, including coordinating cross-border proceedings that persuade many of our clients to instruct us.

We actively pursue all avenues of dispute resolution available and advise clients on choosing the method most appropriate to them and a particular matter.

Therefore, Our main priority is to resolve disputes quickly and effectively with as little disruption to business as possible – recognition of this is central to how we approach any matter.

Above all, we are litigators in all UAE courts, especially the summary, appeal, and cessation courts of Abu Dhabi and Dubai.


12 –   Criminal Law

In short; preamble on; Abu Dhabi, Dubai Criminal Law Lawyers

contact our criminal law team of lawyers in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, because we can do much more.

Specifically, The early contact is giving us a wide range of plans to well- defend clients.

In Particular, Contact us before you communicate with Abu Dhabi, Dubai, UAE, Cairo, Egypt authorities.

Since a criminal conviction’s consequences are permanent for you and your lovely ones;

Therefore, it becomes imperative to obtain the strong advocacy of attorneys” s experience in this realm of criminal law.

to illustrate:- More about; Abu Dhabi, Dubai Criminal Law Lawyers



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