Criminal law lawyers Dubai Abu Dhabi Egypt

Dubai Abu Dhabi Criminal Lawyers
Dubai Abu Dhabi Criminal Lawyers


Best Criminal Lawyers in Abu Dhabi, Dubai; Our Dubai and Abu Dhabi criminal defense lawyers are ready to help deal with your criminal accusations and charges,

Additionally, we professionally handle all sophisticated legal matters because we are for decades fight and win all types of cases apart from charges or accusations.

Moreover, Our U.A.E. criminal Lawyers are professionals, arming with knowledge on hand, the vast experience gave us the upper hand in all criminal charges, trials, and prosecution.

furthermore, Our Dubai Abu Dhabi Criminal Lawyers defend and represent individuals and corporations under investigation or summoned to appear before Federal and local UAE criminal courts.

Indeed, our high experts’ criminal lawyers in Dubai & Abu Dhabi provide legal services for a wide category of crimes.


Cairo Egypt Criminal attorneys, advocates, legal consultants at our law firm; Again, why

For example, we successfully defend in crimes like forgery, narcotics, drug, cyber, alcohol, fraud, custom duty ports.

In addition, Abu Dhabi Law Firm is a real port to the best criminal lawyers in Dubai & Abu Dhabi;

; the legal skill & expertise team encompass the widest range of criminal cases.

Above all, not any lawyer will defend you, but a team of the best Criminal Lawyers in Abu Dhabi, Dubai.

because we know how it’s serious and could impact upon future of the client.

Besides, the team of Criminal lawyers will defend you have more than 4 decades of criminal legal experience.

In Particular, The professional criminal law specialist team knows the ins and outs of criminal defines;

; and will sit down with you so that they understand your case completely.

As An Illustration, That will be rigorous and comprehensive enough to get you the best possible results.

For instance,  attorney, Ezz is one of our team has expertise in white-collar crimes due to his double experience in corporate and criminal law, Drug and narcotics, custom duty ports crimes.

As such, he has successfully defended managers and CEO against accusations of fraud and embezzlement, bounced checks.

Similarly, advocate Ahmed Al Saaedi is a reference in serious crimes like homicide, forgery, drugs, smuggling crimes.

Therefore, the firm is ready to act in emergency situations for clients recently arrested or about to appear before a judge or a criminal court.

In such a case, we make the necessary arrangements to be by our client’s side within 12 hours from our appointment (in the Abu Dhabi area) 24/7.

Dubai Abu Dhabi Criminal Lawyers; are fluent in English.

When facing an allegation of criminal conduct or behavior, it is essential to get clear and transparent legal advice from experienced criminal defense lawyers.

Firstly,  lawyers who will protect your rights, such as; our Dubai Abu Dhabi Criminal Lawyers advocates at Saaedi Law Firm -UAE are the right choice;

Because we have the best criminal defense team to provide expert legal advice and representation for both individuals and businesses.

Namely, our team of criminal law lawyers has international recognition and renown as criminal law specialists with a strong reputation.

Namely, we are taking on tough, sophisticated cases and achieving the best possible outcomes for our clients.

Furthermore, Our criminal defense lawyers are astute, supportive, and highly sophisticated, particularly known for their skills.

As Well As, we provide strategic, sensible, and practical criminal law advice and for our ability to keep potentially high-profile cases out of the public eye.

We are at the cutting edge of white-collar and criminal defense cases, are involving in many of the most significant cases over the past 42 years.

As Well As,  Dubai Abu Dhabi Criminal Lawyer’s experience in this field is second to none.

In Conclusion, Our lawyers provide expert advice in all aspects of criminal defense law, including serious crimes like the following;

tax evasion, and fraud.

Drugs Offences

Drug trafficking cases prosecuted in the UAE Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

Cyber Crimes

internet crime charges, such as online stalking, hacking, and copyright infringement

Interpol Red Notices

With our expertise in international law, we advise on mitigating measures and if a notice can be removed

White Collar and Financial Crime

Corporate Crime

Financial Authority Advice

Proceeds of Crime and Money Laundering

International Crime and Extradition

Corporate Manslaughter and Health & Safety

Our criminal lawyers are highly sophisticated, astute, and supportive.

We are particularly famous for our skill in providing strategic advice and for our ability to keep high-profile cases out of the public eye.

When you need a Criminal Defense Solicitor & advocate call our criminal lawyers as soon as possible.

we have a team of expert Criminal Defense lawyers who can provide legal representation anywhere in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, UAE, Cairo Egypt.


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