trademarks patents copyright lawyers

Trademarks patents copyright lawyers
Trademarks patents copyright lawyers

Our trademarks patents copyright lawyers in Abu Dhabi Explain the law of trademarks and names;

How to Distinguish between tradename and trademark

To illustrate, The trade name is a specific name taken by the merchant or the commercial company to distinguish his store or the company from others.

 In Other Words, For this trade name to have legal protection, 

For that purpose of protection, the trader must register in the register prepared for that at the Department of Economic Development and not lead to confusion with other trade names in the field of similar trade.

our Trademarks patents copyright lawyers Explain;

On The Other Hand, As for a trademark, it is everything that traders use or intend to use to distinguish products or services to indicate that it belongs to the trademark owner because of its manufacture, production, trade, or offering for sale by the same trader.

Therefore, Anyone who wishes to use a trademark to distinguish his products or services – if he trades or offers them for sale or intends to do so;

In this case the trader – may request its registration in the Trademarks Register at the Ministry of Commerce and Economy.

Consequently, The effect of registration is up to the date of applying for registration,

Not only this., but the trademark owner will consider the date of application to register is the exact date of registration.

For illustrations:-

trademarks patents copyright lawyers

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