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medical negligence attorneys in Abu Dhabi

medical negligence attorneys in Abu Dhabi;

Our esteemed legal team in Abu Dhabi is against all sorts of medical malpractice and negligence,
therefore, Our law firm’s team in Abu Dhabi is dedicated to assisting individuals who have suffered from debilitating injuries caused by the negligence of medical practitioners or by unforeseen accidents. Our proficient lawyers boast a remarkable track record of securing the most favourable outcomes for our clients, and they are renowned for their unwavering determination and unwavering commitment to justice. As a testament to our steadfast confidence in our ability to deliver results, we operate on a contingency fee basis- we only charge our clients if we win their case. If you would like to speak with one of our leading medical experts to understand how we can assist you, please do not hesitate to contact Ez at +971503159583. Alternatively, you can visit our website:

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One of our real court cases

The facts of the case – as shown in the papers – are summed up in the fact that the plaintiffs – filed this lawsuit by requesting that the defendants be jointly and severally obliged to pay them compensation for 45,906,000.00 dirhams as material and moral compensation, as well as the lost profits, and to oblige them to pay the fees and expenses of the lawsuit and for attorney’s fees on a bond. It is said that on 00-00-2022, an medical operation was performed on the plaintiffs’ heir ; the first defendant – the hospital – and on the same date, she died due to the error of the second defendant, who is a follow to the first defendant – the doctor – and the Medical Liability Committee proved the error of the second defendant, and decided that the plaintiffs deserve The blood money is due to the fault of the defendants. The deceased’s father suffered a stroke upon hearing of his daughter’s death. The deceased’s father is requesting two million dirhams for his treatment outside the country. The dead have 6 minor children who need a nanny and a worker. One of them has a movement disability and problems with the reproductive system. The deceased’s husband also suffered psychological trauma.
The deceased asked the court to rule on total compensation of 46,806,000.00.

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The court Ruling

Court Ruling
After deliberation, and For these reasons

The court ruled objectively:

Firstly, the defendants and the opposing parties were obliged to jointly pay the plaintiffs the legal blood money amounting to 200 thousand dirhams to be distributed. Between heirs according to the legal share of each of them.
Second: Obligating the defendants and the two adjoined opponents to jointly pay the plaintiffs an amount (5 million dirhams), five million dirhams, to be distributed among the plaintiffs in the manner indicated in the reasons.
Thirdly, the defendants and the two adjoined opponents are obligated to pay the expenses and fees of the case and attorney’s fees.

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