Labor Law

Labor Law

Our Abu Dhabi labor lawyers advise clients – both employers and employees – on all aspects of employment law.

We can also help if you’re facing a dispute at work or preparing a claim in the labor office or employment courts of Abu Dhabi.

Our law firm is famous as the best Abu Dhabi lawyer in matters related to criminal, family, employment law; and top law firm in labor law issues.
Further, we have an essential mission to succeed: we providing high caliber labor law support for employers and employees;
And; creating equitable terms of employment compatible with the UAE labor law and its executive regulations.
Therefore, Our labor and employment law firm regularly advises on all UAE Labor and Employment Law areas.

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Our Labor And Employment Lawyers In Abu Dhabi

Our Labor and employment lawyers in Abu Dhabi and Dubai accept both individuals; and local and international companies. Further, We provide comprehensive and knowledgeable advice to clients at any stage of the employment relationship. Our labor lawyers in Abu Dhabi are professional experts in Abu Dhabi and Dubai labor court disputes; For instance; disputes regarding compensation for arbitrary dismissal, gratuity, end of service payment, annual leave And housing, bonus and percentage of income, a notice of the end of service, and calculation of basic salary.

Dubai Labor Lawyers! Why Us

Hence, Our employment and labor lawyers in Abu Dhabi and Dubai assist people in business and their human resources departments; with labor law agreements and assist companies in drafting or reviewing terms and conditions of employment contracts and their amendment. Our labor department in our law office in Abu Dhabi, Like our office in Dubai office, employed the best and top Labor & Employment Lawyers. Abu Dhabi labor law firm! why us

More Than 4 Decades Of Expertise

Specifically, Saadi’s attorneys and legal consultants have decades of labor law experience representing employers and employees; We are helping them In both the private and public sectors in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and other City areas of UAE. For These Reasons, We understand labor organizations and the problematic issues and complex problems they face. Therefore; Call us today at (971) 5315-9583 if you are looking for a lawyer.

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