Abu Dhabi product liability lawyers
Abu Dhabi product liability lawyers


Abu Dhabi product liability lawyers: Discover compassionate and formidable legal expertise with our dedicated team, which stands as your bastion against injustice, ensuring your voice is heard and your rights are upheld in the face of adversity.

Our product liability law firm is in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, and our focus is on this practice area.

Ezz Law Firm, the defender of consumer’s rights

Ezz Law Firm is an LLC in Cairo, Egypt, with a strong presence in the Middle East, including an office in Abu Dhabi.

Our  Abu Dhabi office is located on the 6th Floor of the Habib Bank building.

We are among the most experienced international law firms in the region. We offer a full-service legal offering across various business sectors and practice areas, including product liability.

Product Liability Focus: With in-depth experience in the food, pharmaceutical, and consumer product markets, Ezz law firm advises on issues related to product recalls, directors’ liability, and consumer protection.

Expertise: we provide legal advice, representation, and guidance to individuals in the UAE.

We connect clients with experienced product liability lawyers who can assist them in filing claims against negligent manufacturers or distributors.

Moreover, our Law Firm specializes in handling product liability cases, ensuring clients receive proper legal support and seek justice.

Product Liability Laws in the UAE:

The UAE has steadily progressed in its legislative approach to handling product liability issues.

The Consumer Protection Law introduced direct product liability regulations across the UAE for the first time. It covers potential monetary fines for suppliers of consumer products in case consumers suffer harm during ordinary use of the product2.

These regulations apply to suppliers, including manufacturers, sellers, distributors, traders, importers, and exporters.

Consumers have the right to compensation for personal or material damage, and any agreement to the contrary is null and void.

About product liability law:-

Let me provide you with information about consumer protection laws in the UAE.

The UAE has introduced specific legal provisions and assigned entities to protect consumer rights. Here are the key points related to consumer protection:

Consumer Protection Law:

Federal Decree-Law No. 5 of 2023 amends the Federal Law No. 15 of 2020 on Consumer Protection. Its primary objectives are:

Protecting Consumer Rights: The law aims to safeguard all consumer rights, including the right to receive goods and services of standard quality at the declared price.

Health and Safety: It further seeks to preserve the health and safety of consumers when using goods or receiving services.

Data Privacy: The law protects consumers’ data and prohibits suppliers from using it for marketing purposes.

Scope of Application:

The law covers all goods and services sold or provided by suppliers, advertisers, and commercial agents across the UAE’s mainland and free zones.

It also applies to goods sold through eCommerce platforms registered in the UAE.

However, it does not apply to eCommerce activities between customers in the UAE and businesses registered outside the UAE.

Consumer Rights:

Consumers in the UAE are granted the following rights:

To be provided an appropriate and safe environment when purchasing goods or receiving services.

To obtain correct information about the goods they purchase, use, or consume and the services they receive.

To be informed about their rights and obligations.

To choose the most appropriate product and service available according to their preferences.

To obtain fair compensation for damages resulting from purchasing defective goods or receiving inadequate or unprofessional services.

Suppliers must:

Protect consumers’ privacy and data security, refraining from using them for promotional and marketing purposes.

Respect consumers’ religious values, customs, and traditions.

Settle consumers’ disputes promptly.

Provide consumers with a dated invoice that includes relevant details specified by the Executive Regulation of this law1.

Role of the Ministry of Economy:

The Ministry of Economy plays a crucial role in protecting consumer rights, enforcing the law, and ensuring compliance by suppliers and businesses.



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