Abu Dhabi Banking attorneys

Dubai and Abu Dhabi banking attorneys; Clients choose our UAE, Dubai, Abu Dhabi banking attorneys to help in financial, corporate, and banking matters for our ability to navigate the complexities of this constantly shifting.

Our Abu Dhabi banking attorneys ability

Also, our ability to deal with the increasingly international market matters in banking and finance while also providing local presence and insight.

Our Abu Dhabi banking attorneys with our Dubai, Cairo Egypt lawyers are original bankers:-

We understand intricate transactions globally and apply that knowledge and experience to structuring innovative deals for our clients.

Moreover, Our specialist banking and finance attorneys advise banks and other lenders, borrowers, and businesses on a full range of financial matters, including banking dispute resolution and litigation.

Furthermore, our banking services start from simple loan agreements to the most complex of structured debt arrangements,

Additionally, our specialist banking and finance lawyers help our clients achieve successful, timely, and cost-effective outcomes to financial matters with the minimum of fuss.


Our Abu Dhabi banking attorneys and finance attorneys team,

Advocate Ezz is a senior partner in the Corporate area; Attorney Ezz focuses on issues facing banks, financial institutions, corporations, businesses, individuals in all financial services.


our Abu Dhabi banking attorneys qualifications;

Above all, and Ezz the banking lawyer at our banking and finance law firm of AL_SAAEDi has the qualification and background to professionally deal with any sophisticated banking transaction.

Therefore, clients seek the guidance and expertise of our Abu Dhabi banking attorney Ezz;

; to develop and secure innovative financing structures for all types of projects, and he professionally tailors our services to efficiently meet our client’s needs

Above all, Year after year, Ezz earns the top tier “Leading Firm” distinction in the area of Banking & Finance sector:


Also, our Cairo Egypt banking lawyers and Abu Dhabi banking attorneys are litigators and arbitrators;

The firm’s litigation practice focuses on default litigation, banking law, commercial matters, and real estate, including foreclosure and title disputes. The firm also maintains an active real estate transaction practice representing both buyers and sellers, including lenders in selling properties.

Our banking lawyers of Abu Dhabi tips to banking clients;

you have to know that all banks in UAE are subject to stringent regulation from UAE central bank,

and as per law number 14 for 2018, the duties of the central bank include;

c- Organize Licensed Financial Activities, establish the foundations to exercise them;

; and determine the standards required for the development and promotion of prudential practices;

; in accordance with the provisions of the present Decree-Law and the international standards.

d- Set the regulations and standards appropriate for the protection of customers of Licensed Financial institutions.

e- Control the credit status in the State in order to contribute to the achievement of balanced growth in the national economy.

So, when you have any issue with your bank and to save your money;

Then, before going to courts you have the right to complain to The UAE central bank,

So, if they find you right in your claim they will instruct your bank to do the needful procedure in your favor.



To illustrate;  more; on our banking and finance lawyers in Abu Dhabi;








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