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As per Article (156)

The right of women to fosterage of a child shall end upon his reaching the age of eleven years if a male;

and thirteen years, if a female;

unless the court decides to extend this age to the age of puberty, for the male,

and up to her marriage, for the female, is in their best interest.

Unless the fostered child’s interest otherwise requires, the women’s fosterage shall continue if the child is of unsound mind or suffering of a disabling illness.

Abu Dhabi custodial lawyers and Dubai cassation courts rulings regarding child custody;

As per a recent ruling from the cassation court of Dubai that states;

according to the provisions of the first paragraph of Article 156 of the Personal Status Law and Cassation court’s decision;

That;  although the custody of women ends when the male reaches the age of eleven years;

;  and the female is thirteen years old, the judiciary of causation court has settled that the subject court may decide to extend this age in the interest of the child in custody until that The male reaches puberty;

The female gets married whenever the court sees an additional genuine interest that requires continuing his mother’s custody of him based on the evidence presented in the case.

Abu Dhabi child custody attorneys, advocates, and legal consultants are giving examples;

For example, Judgment of the Court of Cassation – Dubai on 19-05-2020

In Appeal No. 2020/60 Personal Status Appeal and 2020/61 Personal Status Appeal.

Thus, According to the law, and supreme court’s ruling both parents can ask a court to have the right of custody if he or she finds that his request is in the best interest of a child.

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