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Our Abu Dhabi Dubai employment attorneys are experts, all employers and employees count on Our law firm in any matter relating to labor and employment law;

Moreover, They rely on us As an international labor and employment law firm with a team of the best labor law consultants.

Furthermore, our firm is Comprising recognized leaders in their field of labor law;

;  such as the end of service benefits, arbitrary dismissal, unpaid salary, gratuity pay. 

, for employers in labor and employment law, we’re here to help you get on with your business effectively.

Abu Dhabi Dubai employment attorneys as a top-rank law firm will help you

For instance, Employment Lawyers, legal consultants at Saaedi advocate, and  Legal consultants are independently top-rank;

; so that, can work with you to find a solution,

whatever the issue. To see what we can do for you, call us 24/7 on  00971503159583 or contact Abu Dhabi Dubai employment attorneys online.

Why our Abu Dhabi Dubai employment attorneys and legal consultants?

Because; We are providing prompt, practical, and authoritative legal advice on employment law issues.

Moreover, We can provide immediate legal representation anywhere in the UAE & Egypt.

labor Lawyers attorneys, legal consultants in Abu Dhabi Dubai high-profile:

While outwardly we may be best known for our high-profile employment litigation cases;

; and,  our strength for many people is in achieving positive outcomes through confidential settlements,

Also, in many cases preventing an Employment Tribunal.

Our specialist Employment Lawyers, legal consultants  have the skills in advising on how to manage;

; and resolve employment problems both independently and through our assistance in mediation and alternative dispute resolution procedures.

 Moreover, Our teams of Employment Lawyers are working on many precedent-setting cases, and everyone we represent;

; from the highest-ranking senior executives and partners to junior employees;

Our Abu Dhabi Dubai employment attorneys and legal representation:-

; receives the best legal representation and the highest level of consideration and care at all times.

Furthermore, We also aim to keep costs as manageable as possible throughout our work for you.

We assist clients with domestic and international Employment and Labor Law issues.

We adapt to our client’s requirements and provide the integrated and professional cross-border service which they demand.


Why Abu Dhabi Dubai labor advocates and lawyers;

Our advice is technically excellent, commercial, and responsive

Our clients – corporate or individuals are lucky enough to work with us in labor law because we understand what’s necessary;

What motivates them both (often very different things) and are privileging to be able to see matters from either side.

Thus, This gives us added context and insight regarding advising you on realistic outcomes and on the best ways to achieve them.

Call Our Abu Dhabi Dubai employment attorneys are experts, all employers and employees count on Our law firm in any matter relating to labor and employment law;

lawyers for expert legal advice or immediate representation for constructive or unfair dismissal from work.

What is unfair dismissal?

Employers are allowed to dismiss people for a range of reasons, including redundancy or capability,

However, the law does not permit them to do this unfairly, and many employees have protection from unfair dismissals.

A dismissal is unjust under the law if it meets specific criteria.

For example, if they sacked you because of sex, disability, gender, marital status, race, ethnicity;

or because of nationality, religion or belief, sexuality, or age.

A sacking is also unlawful if it is for the reason that is ‘automatically unfair. For instance;

Abu Dhabi Dubai employment attorneys, legal consultants, solicitors tips;

You have the right to compensation in the following cases;

  • If you ask for your legal rights to be met (for example, to receive the minimum wage)

  • If you reported against your employer for wrongdoing (in other words, you are acting as a whistleblower)

  • are pregnant or are off work on maternity leave

  • are a member of a trade union and you taking part in official industrial action,

  • or you were acting as an employee representative

  • took action over a health and safety issue

  • about certain business transfers.

  • Your employer has to tell you why they are dismissing you if you work for them for six months or more. 

  • Can you make an unfair dismissal claim?

  • Our adept, proficient, and expert employment lawyers are on hand to advise you;

  • ; if you’re not sure whether you have a case for unfair dismissal.


  • Our Abu Dhabi Dubai employment attorneys lawyers and legal counsels advise;

  • Bear in mind that you must be an employee to be eligible for this.

  • For example, you won’t have the right to claim if you’re self-employed or an agency worker.

  • Also, you must make your claim within 12 months, less a day of the date they dismissed you;

  • In our experience, employers are not always entirely truthful about their reasons for sacking workers,
  • So,  if you think the organization you work for is not honest with you about why they dismissed you,

  • it is essential to get legal advice.

  • In addition, your employer will be liable for unfair dismissal if they don’t follow the relevant disciplinary or dismissal processes when they sack you.



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