Abu Dhabi Legal Advisor

Al-Saaedi,  Abu Dhabi Legal Advisor, is the defender of clients facing critical criminal, labor, and family legal issues in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, UAE, and other law areas.

We can handle any obstacle facing you because, To us, Obstacles merely inspire us to persevere.

We can solve legal problems before or after the court proceedings.

When you Need Help, our  Legal Counsel provides comprehensive legal counsel to clients throughout Abu Dhabi.

Furthermore, Our Abu Dhabi Legal Advisor and advocates are skilled negotiators and litigators and serve as aggressive advocates for our clients. The firm boasts a wide array of practice areas.

Abu Dhabi Legal Advisor, legal consultancy in Abu Dhabi and Dubai;

Our Legal Advisors in Abu Dhabi or Dubai established a department of legal consultancy beside advocacy department, which takes every legal consultancy seriously;

Our Abu Dhabi Legal Advisor is a specialist in practice areas that include administrative law, maritime and transport law, general litigation, insurance defense, environmental law,

Also, real estate and property law, commercial law, employment or labor matters, banking law, insurance coverage disputes, personal injury;

: estate and probate law, product liability, and aviation accidents.

Not only the above services, but also we give legal consultancy a vast spectrum of claims and potential claims.

Abu Dhabi Legal Advisor; understand your needs;

We tailor our approach to meet your needs and choose effective strategies to achieve results efficiently and effectively.

Because Legal issues come in all shapes and sizes, and when challenges arise, you need a precise solution, practical guidance, and effective advice from an experienced legal advisor or attorney.

Your legal counsel should also understand you, appreciate your situation, and have a genuine interest in your future.

We do this by focusing on you, your individual or business’s needs, and not only meeting expectations but exceeding them.

Abu Dhabi Legal Advisor wide-range of legal issues

We handle a broad spectrum of legal matters in and around Abu Dhabi.

Moreover,  a good reputation for helping individuals, families, and companies achieve their goals. We accomplish this through accurate representation, fierce advocacy, decades of legal experience, and implementing comprehensive strategies aimed at long-term success while minimizing risk.

Therefore, contact us if your legal issue is related to one of the following;

Business Law and Contracts

Banking and finance

Insurance and reinsurance

Labor and employment law

Real Estate and Property Transactions

Wills and Estates

Family Law, Divorce and Child Custody

Personal Injury and Civil Litigation

Criminal Defense

To illustrate more;








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