UAE advocates legal consultants

Our UAE advocates legal consultants and criminal defense, understand that criminal cases are very stressful and crucial not only to the defendant but to family, business, and community;

So, we will guide you through every aspect of your case, explaining your options and alerting you to how things might develop at every stage.
Moreover, We hire the best criminal attorneys and legal consultants in UAE Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Cairo, Egypt, to guarantee the best results.
Furthermore, Our law office is authorized to appear in the family, civil, and criminal Federal and Local Courts in the UAE.

UAE advocates legal consultants and our staff,

So, we hire fluent in both English and Arabic. All society points to our law firm as one of the most respected Abu Dhabi and Dubai lawyers in the Middle East and Gulf,

Also, All our attorneys, advocates, solicitors, legal consultants have vast knowledge and experience in law.

Then, If you have an accusation, arrest warrant or are under investigation for a criminal offense in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or throughout the U.A.E,

Then, it is critical to hire a lawyer immediately.
Moreover, If it’s a bounced check, manslaughter, white-collar, drug crime in Dubai? To protect your rights, it is important to consult a qualified legal consultant or criminal lawyer immediately!
Furthermore, If it’s a bounced cybercrime, narcotics, terrorism, defamation crime, you need a senior lawyer who understands the federal criminal justice system, as well as the culture of the U.A.E.

UAE advocates legal consultants represented senior people;

We have represented individuals, companies indicted with such crimes and could make changes in their life.

So, If you or someone you know is under investigation for such a crime, it’s essential to hire criminal law lawyer earlier because any statement from the defendant may be taken as proof.

Furthermore, A specialist Extradition Team advises and represents clients who want to challenge extradition requests from and to any country based on technical and/or human rights grounds.

Additionally, We have a long history of successful involvement in high-profile and complex extradition cases.


UAE advocates legal consultants the leading law firm:

We are ranked Band 1 for extradition in UAE and Egypt.

And as a leading U.A.E law firm specializing in criminal law since 1982, you find a wide range of abilities to represent clients within Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and beyond. You have a dedicated team of criminal lawyers available to take your call 00971503159583.

Then call our UAE advocates legal consultants.

Our 24-hour criminal defense helpline service (00971503159583) provides you with immediate expert legal advice and representation, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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