probation period in UAE labor law

employment lawyers in UAE
employment lawyers in UAE

Our Abou Dhabi employment lawyers explain Everything about the probation period in UAE labor law, the right of an employee to leave, move, transfer to another employer within this period,

    • 1 – The employer may appoint the employee under a probationary period not exceeding (6) six months from the commencement date.

    • 2 – The employer may terminate the employee’s service during this period after notifying the latter of the same in writing fourteen (14) days at least before the date specified for the termination of service.

    • 3 – It is not permissible to appoint an employee under a probationary period more than once at one employer. If the employee successfully passes the probationary period and continues to work, the contract shall become valid according to the agreed terms.


4- The term of service will include the probation period.


                  probation period in UAE labor law and the right to terminate

    • Illustration; About the desire of the employee to move apart from the employer in the probation period;

    • there are only 4 cases of the employee moving to another employer;

    • 1 – Suppose the employee wishes to move to work for another employer in the UAE State during the probationary period.

    • In that case, the employee shall notify the principal employer in writing within not less than one month from the date of his wish to terminate the contract.


    • Then, the new employer shall compensate the original employer for the costs of recruitment or contracting with the employee unless they agree.

    • 2 – Suppose the foreign employee wishes to terminate the employment contract during the probationary period to leave the State. In that case, he shall notify the employer of the same in writing not less than fourteen (14) days from the date specified for the termination of the contract.

        probation period in UAE labor law; if the employee wishes to return to his homeland;

    • 3 – Suppose he hopes to return to the State and obtain a new work permit within (3) three months from the date of departure.


    • In that case, the new employer shall pay the compensation that x Clause (3) of this Article stipulates to the original employer; unless the employee and the principal employer agree to the contrary.


    • 4 – Suppose either party terminates the employment contract without considering the provisions of this Article.

    • In that case, it shall pay the other party compensation equal to the employee’s wages for the notice period or the remaining period.

    • If the foreign employee leaves the State without abiding by the provisions of this Article, he shall not get permission for a work permit to work in the State for one year from the date of leaving the State.

    • With This In Mind, The Ministry may exclude some job categories, skill levels, or employees from the condition of not granting a work permit, stipulated in Clauses (4) and (6) of this Article, under the rules and procedures specified by the Implementing Regulation hereof.


    • For This Purpose, if you need another explanation about labor law, contact us.

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To illustrate;

probation period in UAE labor law

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