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Our Abu Dhabi business lawyers are the trusted advisors who empower entrepreneurs and enterprises alike. In the bustling marketplace of Abu Dhabi, With a unique blend of legal insight and business acumen, our Abu Dhabi business lawyers are dedicated to turning your commercial aspirations into tangible successes. Experience the confidence of having our strategic and compassionate Abu Dhabi business lawyers by your side.

Ezz Legal consultancy law firms

Ezz Legal Consultancy Law Firm is committed to providing legal services and solutions to clients. We established our law firm in 1985. The firm can practice law and provide legal advice within Abu Dhabi the United Arab Emirates.

Our expertise spans various areas, including litigation, consultation services, and mastery of international business and corporate laws and agreements, primarily commercial treaties1.

Advocate Al-Menhali & Ezz Legal Consultancy:

Our leading law firm, based in Abu Dhabi, boasts a specialist team of lawyers. We cover many legal areas, including family law, employment law, criminal law, corporate law, construction law, and more.

Additionally, we excel in banking, insurance, and maritime law and serve as legal consultants and arbitrators in various domains2.

Our Abu Dhabi business attorneys

Our Abu Dhabi Law Firm operates in Abu Dhabi and offers comprehensive legal services. Our corporate practice includes mergers and acquisitions, regulatory compliance, intellectual property, construction, and real estate.

Our seasoned lawyers navigate complex legal landscapes, ensuring clients receive top-tier advice.


Our legal consultancy law firm provides business setup, contracts, and corporate governance services. Their expertise extends to various aspects of business law4.

Global Challenges, Local Expertise:

Abu Dhabi’s business landscape is thriving, with several free zones and entrepreneurial opportunities.

Our Abu Dhabi business lawyers understand local regulations and thrive on cross-border complexities. Our services cover commercial contracts, intellectual property, mergers and acquisitions, and business risk evaluation5.

In summary, these legal professionals combine local expertise with an international perspective, ensuring businesses in Abu Dhabi receive exceptional legal guidance. Whether you’re setting up a company, dealing with commercial contracts, or navigating complex transactions, these lawyers are architects of possibility, illuminating paths toward success.


Abu Dhabi successful business lawyers. We are some notable law firms and lawyers known for their expertise and achievements:

Ezz Legal consultancy law firms

Ezz Legal Consultancy Law Firms is a well-established law firm with offices nationwide. Their business legal services cover various areas, including commercial litigation, employment, real estate, and corporate banking and finance.

We focus on understanding client’s needs, providing practical solutions, and adding value to businesses.

Ezz Legal consultancy law firms sector-specific teams collaborate closely with clients to achieve strategic goals.

Legal expertise:

Based in Zayed, the First Street Centre, we have a long history of legal expertise and offer practical solutions in various areas of law, especially business law.

Our business personalized approach, dedicated specialists, and excellent support teams make us stand out as one of Abu Dhabi’s leading law firms.


Moreover, we are committed to client care, quality, and simplicity.


Additionally, we provide legal services to businesses and individuals across Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

Our professional yet friendly approach, personalized service, and depth of knowledge make us trusted advisers to clients in various fields.


Our modern approach ensures secure and comprehensive legal assistance.



Remember that success in the legal field is often measured by a combination of expertise, client satisfaction, and industry recognition.

Our law firms and lawyers exemplify excellence in their respective business and corporate areas, contributing significantly to the legal landscape in the UAE.


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