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Practise Area

Multi practice

Our legal fields in UAE; Our Dubai Abu Dhabi Legal consultants’ lawyers are at the top in family, criminal, labor, construction, corporate, trademarks, franchise, and all legal fields in UAE and much more; 

best practice law firm


Criminal law

If it’s fraud, drugs, or any serious crime in Abu Dhabi or Dubai, we have track record.

Corporate Law

Our Abu Dhabi, Dubai corporate business attorney provides extensive legal trade services.


general counsel

We give legal counsel in civil, corporate, labor, banking, and criminal law.


Divorce lawyers

Our divorce lawyers in Dubai,  Abu Dhabi professionally handle all types of divorce including contested divorce, 

Trademark Law

Top Rated Trademarks Lawyers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, with proven experience.


Representing Accident Victims for decades in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Custom duty law

Our Customs law attorneys advise on tariff valuation, country of origin , evasion , protests, penalties.

Insurance Lawyer

Our Abu Dhabi, Dubai insurance lawyers advise on all insurance matters and compensation for personal injury.


Bankruptcy law

Only our Bankruptcy Lawyers In Abu Dhabi Can Help You. If you’re experiencing severe financial difficulties, bankruptcy can provide a path to debt relief

Banking lawyers

We are best practitioners banking lawyers in UAE who have great experience inside big banks. 

Labor law lawyer

Our labor and employment lawyers handle all types of claims in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Legal contracts

Our Abu Dhabi contracts and agreements legal consultants offer the ideal legal drafting and review services

Recovery of funds

For more than 4 decades we practice recovery of funds, assets in Dubai and Abu Dhabi


Our Abu Dhabi extradition and deportation lawyers understand the challenges and deal with

Investment dispute

Our Abu Dhabi know how to protect your investment.

construction lawyer

We offer a ‘breadth of expertise in construction and engineering disputes, and acting on a wide range of significant construction litigation matters.